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Silver Rococo Dressing Table

Silver Rococo Dressing Table and Stool hand carved in solid mahogany

You can’t say this is not eye-catching!

If you really want that wow! factor maybe its time to have a look at silver furniture. This mahogany Rococo Dressing Table has been finished in a stunning metallic silver paint.

This finish allows for subtle changes in colour depending on how the silver picks up the lighting conditions in the room. In this example the dressing table takes on a soft pink / gold glow. In the factory pictures further down this page the ‘real’ colour of the silver can be seen with some natural daylight reflections.

Silver Rococo Dressing Table and Stool hand carved in solid mahogany
Rococo Dressing Table & Stool with a beautiful silver finish.

The silver finish was expertly applied over solid mahogany. All the ornate decoration on the body of the dressing table and around the mirror frame have been carved by hand, next the dressing table is finely sanded to produce a super smooth base before the silver finishing is applied.

How To Order: This dressing table is made to order, the delivery time is around 18 weeks but you only need to pay a deposit to start the order. Go to Rococo Dressing Table, choose the colour silver in the drop down menu (other colours are available) and in the check out payment page choose the deposit button option. Of course if you prefer you can email us your details or phone us, we will be happy to help.

This silver dressing table is part of a bedroom set all in the ornately carved Rococo style. So there is a bed, bedside cabinets, chest of drawers and even more extravagant wardrobe to match.

If the silver is a bit over the top for you or does not fit your bedroom then no worries, the dressing table is also available in several wood colours, plain white or antiqued white.

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