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Working from Home

With the current climate, most of us are adapting to working from home for the first time, and with social distancing measures set to be in place for a while yet, working from home is becoming the new norm and this may continue, even post-pandemic. Here are a few of the reasons why working from home can be so beneficial.

New tech makes working from home a real option

In the past working from home could often mean a lot of time spent in front of the television and not much work getting done, but now that people have adjusted to this new situation, they are realising how much of their work can be done remotely. Meetings and collaborating with co-workers are easily done over Microsoft Teams or Zoom, and a laptop connected to a shared cloud or project management system can function just as efficiently as an in-office desktop.

No commuting

The most immediate benefit of working from home for most people is the lack of a commute. Some people may only have a 15-minute walk to work, but other commutes can be drives or train journeys of a couple of hours. No matter the method of transportation or length of the commute, it all adds up to take a significant amount of your time on top of your workday.

No parking charges or fuel costs

If you’re not commuting, you’re making a financial saving too. Parking charges, fuel costs and train tickets all impact the money you take away at the end of the month. By working from home, your paycheque should be much healthier.

Saves time

Working from home can also give you a better work/life balance due to the extra time you get from your lack of travel time and better managing your tasks. You often won’t have to adhere to a nine-to-five schedule provided you still stick to your deadlines, which means you get more time to spend exercising, practising a hobby or just being with your family.


Working from home allows you a flexibility that you can’t get working at the office. You are able to better set your own working hours, for example if you aren’t very productive in the mornings, you might be able to start the day a little later and finish later, or maybe you can split your day into sections to better manage your childcare needs.

Set up your own workspace

In order to work from home successfully, it’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing office space which is also practical. You might not have an office or study set up and ready to go, but part of the enjoyment of working from home is you get to set up a space that is designed completely to your taste and ordered in a way that is functional for your job.

This isn’t something that should be overlooked if you are working from home, and it has more benefits than just honing your DIY skills. A dedicated office space will help to create a clear distinction between your work and home life. Workers are beginning to realise just how much of their job can be done from in the home, but you need to have the right setup.

If you have a room (or just part of one) you can turn into your new office, you can create a space that keeps you motivated and productive throughout the working day. You can introduce a little greenery with some plants, pick a comfortable office chair and a desk that makes good use of space as well as any storage or filing systems you need.

There are so many benefits of working from home, and It looks like this new way of working is here to stay so, if you haven’t already, you should start looking to set up your home workspace so that you can be as productive as possible in these trying times. If you’re looking for a beautiful and practical desk, we have a great selection which you can look at here.