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What Is Needed for A Home Office?

Twin pedestal desk, reclaimed wood and grey metal legs. File drawer on left, cupboard on right & central flap down keyboard drawer.

Whilst we should see some restrictions being lifted in the near future and more people returning to work, it doesn’t mean that all of us will be going back to the office. 

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have learned that workers don’t need to be in the office full time and will continue to encourage their employees to work from home where possible.

One thing people have found when working from home is that they have struggled to create a space that is purely for work, that encourages productivity and is separate from their home life. In this blog, we outline what is needed to create a home office that you can comfortably enjoy working from.

What furniture is needed for a home office?

A good desk

The most important piece of furniture in any home office is a desk to work at, and many of us have made do with the kitchen table for too long now! The desk is the base of operations for your home office setup and needs to be fit for purpose.

There are quite a few different types of desk available, depending on your space and your preferred style. If you want something grand and impressive, there are pedestal desks or bureaus with plenty of built-in storage. However, if space is an issue, you can get desks that double up to serve another purpose or hideaway completely, such as hidden home storage desks and console tables.

A comfortable chair

A comfortable office chair is a home office essential. While you don’t want anything so relaxing that you’re likely to fall asleep in it, you do need a good, sturdy chair with a comfortable seat and good back support. Not only is this good for your posture but it also makes it your home workspace cosier and more inviting.

If you opt for a solid wood office chair, you can even match it to your desk, so that you don’t have to compromise your aesthetic with a traditional plastic office chair. Having a comfortable chair also gives you a place to relax or read outside of work hours if you want your home office space to be multi-functional.

A storage or filing unit

Some jobs will require more storage than others, but no matter what you do, a good storage unit is necessary for any home office setup. Some good quality desks will have all the built-in storage you need for work, but a standalone storage chest, cabinet or bookshelf can double up both for your work admin and your personal correspondence.

How can you convert a small space or turn part of a room into a functional home office?

Many people don’t have a good-sized spare room that can be completely transformed into a permanent office or study. If this applies to you, there are a few things you can do to convert a small space or even just part of a room into a functional home office.

Opt for bespoke pieces

If you only have a very small space or a corner of a room that you are converting into your home office, then it’s best to have bespoke furniture pieces made. This way you can be sure the furniture you buy fits the space perfectly without crowding the room or wasting the space created by awkwardly shaped rooms. 

Even if you don’t want to go bespoke, you can get pieces such as corner desks that are purpose-built to fit these specific spaces, meaning with just one piece of quality furniture, you can convert a corner of your living room, dining room or a bedroom into a fully functional home office!

Choose furniture that can serve multiple purposes

One of the best ways to successfully convert an existing room or part of a room into a home office is to buy furniture that can be used for multiple purposes or can be hidden away when not in use. As mentioned earlier, hidden home storage desks are great for spaces where you don’t need a desk taking up space the whole time, and a desk with a mirror can easily be a dressing table in a spare room as soon as you move your computer.


All that is really needed for a functional home office is the right furniture pieces for your space. You don’t have to have a dedicated study or spare room to create a space that you can work from effectively – even the corner of a room can be converted into a workable space.

If you’re feeling inspired to create your new working space, why not take a look at our range of desks, office chairs, and storage units?