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Veneered Furniture

Flame mahogany veneer top on a large round carved coffee table.

Fantastic Flame Mahogany Veneer.

Although the majority of furniture we supply is entirely made of solid wood occasionally, for manufacturing or style reasons we might use another material.

One such example is in the use of veneers. Some very thin veneers such as those used to enhance chip boards may be seen as a down grade from solid wood. However our high quality mahogany veneers are indeed very much an upgrade to the furniture and will certainly add that touch of royalty to a desk, bureau or even a beds headboard.

For sound manufacturing reasons most of our large dining tables have table tops which are veneered. The construction under the top, the sides, and the legs or pedestals remain solid mahogany.

Extending dining table. Top finished with swirl and flame mahogany veneer.
By using a combination of swirl and flame mahogany veneers a wonderfully and unique grain pattern can be obtained. The outer edge is separated by use of a pin strip of sapele veneer.

The veneering is done not to save costs, but because it makes sound constructional sense, hence it is done purely for manufacturing reasons. Due to our changeable climate in the UK and use of central heating our homes can be very dry which is not good for solid wood and can cause some movement and warping of the the top. However having a solid top is still an option, it just comes with a warning that a little more care must be taken to allow the table to adjust to your conditions by controlling the humidity of the environment.

These pictures are of our Partners Desk which is handsomely veneered with burl walnut on the top, drawer fronts, side and kneehole panels.

The central picture above shows a partners desk in the raw, prior to having the colour finish applied. Burl walnut drawer fronts and panels can easily be distinguished. The next picture shows the same desk finished in the mid-brown colour, the colour burl walnut and mahogany now blend together and the natural beauty of the grain is enhanced. The desk is also hand waxed to a wonderful deep satin lustre.

* Note about pictures: It is difficult to represent the actual colour of these items on a computer screen but I would say that in most cases (in fact most likely all cases!) the actual piece of furniture looks so much better in real life as only then can you see and appreciate the depth of colour and its variation under different lighting conditions.

Swirl & Flame Mahogany Veneer on a Dining Table Top
Swirl & Flame Mahogany Veneer

We can just about veneer any item (flat surface) with burl walnut or flame mahogany and if drawers are involved can book-match them. For a more distinctive look we can stain the carcass in a contrasting colour or veneer the whole item. Obviously some items lend themselves to a veneer better than other items. Another candidate for veneering would be a dining table which also has the advantage of being more stable than a solid wood table due to the use plywood. However we will continue to supply solid mahogany dining tables as there is something unique about owning a solid wood dining table.

A Bit About Veneers

Veneers are very thin slithers of beautifully grained wood which in themselves are solid wood and must be laid on and glued to some sort of sub-surface. Indeed we could use a solid wood under the veneer but this is not done because, as we all know, wood can expand and shrink depending on its moisture content and the moisture content of the surrounding environment. If this happened even a small amount of movement would be disastrous because the veneer glued to this moving wood would crack and split. To overcome this we use plywood which being a man made product is inert and does not move. But a word of warning, even though plywood is inert veneers still need to looked after and it is always wise to keep your furniture in dry stable conditions, periodically applying a good quality wax.

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