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Urban Chic Range of Furniture

Urban Chic Large Sideboard solid built with reclaimed woods

Our new Urban Chic Range of Furniture is a collection of exciting furniture pieces with an urban, rustic styling. The range is sturdily constructed from salvaged and reclaimed solid woods.

The woods are mainly salvaged from old fishing boats and buildings typical of those found in southern parts of India. This reclaimed wood is cut and sanded to a smooth finish leaving a mixture of the raw wood and painted areas. The furniture constructed with this wood is therefore quite unique, in fact each piece will be slightly different and so will truly be individual!

Urban Chic Widescreen Television Cabinet with sliding doors. Made from reclaimed Indian woods and metal frame.

The added benefit of using this wood is that it is extremely environmentally friendly having a second chance to be changed into something useful and beautiful. Think of this – Maybe somewhere there will be a book about traditional boat building in India resting on a shelf of a bookcase which was salvaged from the very boats described in the book – how poetic is that?!

Urban Chic Large Bookcase with Storage Cupboard & 3 Drawers

The Urban Chic Range of Furniture is supplied by Baumhaus in co-operation with a number of retailers and online stores such as AKD Furniture. This range has in fact been recently relaunched with a number of new models added and some tweaks made to the design such as all wooden drawers to make it even better.

Take for example the Urban Chic Storage Monks Bench. The natural wood has areas of green and blue giving it that urban or industrial style which is so popular in modern day living environment.

Urban Chic Storage Monks Bench
Urban Chic Storage Monks Bench. Features: Lift Up Seat & Storage Trunk.

Another example is the Urban Chic Dining Table with chairs or bench which will be a real eye catching in any open plan kitchen dining space. The pieces of reclaimed wood used to construct it are generally 50 to 150 years old and have stood the test of time – robust enough to cope every day use!

Urban Chic Round Dining Table. 2 to 4 seater

Each item in the Urban Chic Range, from bedside cabinet to bookcase has a sturdy black metal frame which is extremely robust. Some of the furniture will come fully assembled other items will require some minor assembly. However any assembly required is straight forward and full instructions are supplied.

Urban Chic Rectangular Coffee Table with slatted magazine shelf. Made from reclaimed woods.

So if you are looking for interesting and unique furniture which will create a modern and stylish environment and be a great talking point for guests and visitors then this collection is right up your street or should I say your ‘urban street’!


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