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The Benefits of a Round Table

Urban Chic Round Dining Table. 2 to 4 seater

If you’re furnishing a new home or just upgrading your dining room, then you may be looking for a new dining table. Rectangular tables are probably more common these days, but have you ever considered a round table? There are many benefits of round tables, which we’ll be looking at here.


One of the key benefits of round tables is that they save space, meaning they are better for smaller dining rooms and kitchens. You’ll find that your options for seating positions are more flexible with a round table. It can work no matter where you put it, whether that’s in a corner or the middle of the room.

Fit more people around the table

It’s easier to fit more people around a round table. This is because there are no corners where people cannot sit, and the table usually sits on a single pedestal, rather than individual legs which can block off seating areas. Where you are limited to a certain number of people per side of a rectangular table, round tables are much more flexible when it comes to seating. 

They work in any shape or size of room

You would think that a square or rectangular table would fit better into most rooms as they are the same shape, but that is only the case if you put them against the wall. If you do this, you are losing at least one whole side of the table! 

With a round table, less of the room is blocked off. It is easier to get in and out of your seat and move around the table without others having to tuck in for you to squeeze past or even leave their seats.

A more intimate dining experience

Another benefit of round tables is the atmosphere they create when dining with others. Round tables create a more intimate, cosy setting and provide a good conversational experience as everyone can see each other, rather than being split into smaller groups. This means no one is left out at the end of the table! With everyone facing each other, the dining experience is more intimate and inclusive of every guest.

Better for playing games on

While tables are designed for eating at, we often use them as gathering places when we invite friends and family over. Round tables are much better for these types of gatherings and especially for playing games. The common centre of a round table is perfect for board games or card games as all players are an equal distance apart.

No sharp corners

One final benefit of round tables is that they have no sharp corners, making them safer for daily life, especially if you have children. Even if you don’t have children, you won’t miss the risk of bumping a leg or hip into those sharp corners!  


Your choice of table should primarily come down to personal taste, but there are quite a few benefits to round tables which could make them the superior choice for your home. If you have a smaller space, or you often entertain guests for dinner, then a round table just might be the right choice for you!

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