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The information below relates to important topics such as lead times, construction, guarantees, delivery, and pricing. More important however is our overall responsibility as a company. We believe in honest and open interactions, and will approach every situation with the care and respect we treat our own. We are proud of the service and furniture we deliver, and everything we do is in the best interest of our customers.

Made-to-order items

Here at AKD we are very fortunate to work directly with our trusted factory. We have worked alongside them ever since we built our first piece of furniture, and this makes up our core product offering as a company – with approximately 95% of our products being handmade to order. We take this approach for a large number of reasons, but the two below are our main ones:

  • There are simply too many sizes, colours and other options to make it feasible to stock everything, while still supplying the individual nature of handmade furniture.
  • The costs of funding and storing even a reasonable selection of models is large and would result in significant price increases of the product.

We do not ever put these items out of stock, they are all available to order online or by email in your preferred size, colour and so on. Only a 50% deposit is required to start an order. If you are ordering online please select the DEPOSIT option at the checkout or you can also pay in full if you wish by selecting one of the other payment options.

You may also request a bespoke item and / or make changes to sizes and style of existing models. For bespoke and altered items there will normally be an additional charge to cover plan drawing and extra administration charges, these we will advise prior to the order proceeding. Please ask for a quote.
Please note that for or made-to-order items (non-stock) the deposit is non-refundable once production has started. However, in practice this very, very rarely happens because we can normally halt production if advised in time. Further to that we can try reselling your order, but ultimately the deposit is non-refundable.

The lead time for our mahogany furniture is approximately 18 weeks from receipt of deposit and can be longer depending on factors such as shipping and production levels. This is an average time taken to process, manufacture, finish, wrap and ship goods. This estimated time frame includes bespoke items that require plan drawings, however for more complex pieces with multiple rounds of drawings, this may be longer. Please note that it is in our best interests to complete your order as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee any completion or delivery times.

Returns and Refunds

Delivery Damage

If any damage is caused during shipping and delivery, we will refund, repair, or replace the item if we are notified within 7 days of receipt of goods, and pictures of the problem are provided.

Manufacturing Issues

In the unlikely event that there is a manufacturing problem, or your item is damaged through no fault of your own, we offer a refund, repair or exchange policy for problems notified within 14 days of delivery. This may not include the delivery costs.

Change of Mind

We understand this happens. Please notify us within 14 days of receipt and if the return is completed in 30 days, then we will provide a full refund. For change of mind returns the purchaser will be responsible for the return delivery costs and the item must be returned in a saleable condition. Some exceptions apply, please see section below.

Return Exceptions

Customer size inaccuracies: Please ensure you measure the space available for your item, leaving a bit to spare, as unfortunately we cannot accept returns on the basis they do not fit.

Colour: We cannot accept returns on the basis of colour alone as wood colour can vary. Of course, if we deliver an incorrect colour such as white, and it should be mid-brown mahogany, then we will replace or refund the item.

Mirrors/Glass: In the unlikely event that glass or mirror damage occurs during transportation on pieces with glazed sections, we will replace or repair the damage instead of offering a refund.

Bespoke Furniture: This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, as normally we do not accept returns for items which have been constructed to your specifications. Occasionally it might be possible if the changes are small and we believe we can resell that item(s).

Quality Guarantee

We believe we build the highest quality mahogany furniture. So much so, that we provide a full craftsmanship guarantee across all our pieces. In the unlikely event that there is a manufacturing problem or your item is damaged through no fault of your own, please notify us within 14 days of delivery and we will work with you to either return, refund or repair your handmade item.


We accept payment by most Credit / Debit Cards or PayPal. However for large orders PayPal may not be available.
We accept direct bank transfer (preferred method). Account name: AKD FURNITURE LIMITED Sort code: 60 83 71 Account no: 65046190
All items must be paid for in full prior to delivery and until such time remains the property of AKD Furniture.


Made to order and bespoke orders cannot be cancelled once production has started or if cancelled the deposit is non-refundable. We understand that may seem harsh, but the reason is, that once in production we are committed to shipping and paying our supplier for that item. However, in reality we will attempt to resell the item(s) and normally will be able to return part of the deposit if not all.


To start an order a minimum of 35% of the total invoice value is required. On occasion we might ask for a larger deposit, for example on large orders with discounts. Deposits are non-refundable for bespoke items once production has started. For standard items deposits are normally refundable once we can sell the item but some ‘standard’ items may be difficult to resell so we reserve the right not to refund the deposit. We will always try and re-sell the items and hence in most cases will be able to refund your deposit.


We cooperate with a specialist furniture delivery company to deliver your items and can provide you with their contact telephone numbers if required. This service is not dedicated to AKD furniture, and as such we cannot offer specific delivery dates. Deliveries are arranged using the most competitive service which means that there is normally a delivery in your area once a week or more remote areas fortnightly. We cannot guarantee delivery times but will always endeavour to deliver as quickly as possible.

For more details about our delivery service, charges, areas covered and process, please visit our dedicated delivery page.


Our policy is to provide our customers with the best possible prices for exceptional quality. This we can do with our mahogany range because we order direct from the manufacturer and hence offer ex-factory prices. However, prices can be subject to change depending on market conditions, rates of exchange and shipping costs. We reserve the right to amend prices without prior notification. This may also include items on orders with deposits paid, but only in exceptional circumstances or where we have clearly indicated a price rise maybe necessary prior to the deposit being paid. For example, in the case of a large order with a discount that was dependent on a certain rate of exchange (GBP vs USD).

Discounts – we are often asked for discounts, but these are not available except for quite large orders (£4000 plus). For bespoke items that we have quoted for there are never any discounts. We do not inflate prices to then later be able to offer discounts, as a small and honest company we simply do not have the time to operate such a pricing policy or want to get into the sale price game. In addition as most pieces are made to order we don’t actually know the price we will end up paying for the items when they arrive in the UK, exchange rates and cost of international shipping can change overnight hence discounted items are a bigger risk for us.


All our furniture is Handmade, so actual dimensions may vary slightly. Sizes given are overall sizes. Maximum in each direction. We make every effort to supply accurate dimensions in the price list but cannot guarantee the list is error free.
Please note that internal dimensions of our beds are slightly larger than standard mattress sizes. This is to allow space for bed linen.

Handles & Fittings

Handles and fixtures are sourced in batches from the ironmongers and as such the colour of antique handles can vary (maybe darker) and we are unable to guarantee an exact colour match to the product picture. Please ask if you need further guidance.

Handmade solid wood product

Made to order and bespoke orders cannot be cancelled once production has started or if cancelled the deposit is non-refundable. We understand that may seem harsh, but the reason is, that once in production we are committed to shipping and paying our supplier for that item. However, in reality we will attempt to resell the item(s) and normally will be able to return part of the deposit if not all. aAlthough many items are entirely solid wood, we reserve the right to have sections made of man-made materials such as real wood veneered plywood or mdf. This is done purely for manufacturing reasons and the stability of the furniture piece in question. A good example would be if a painted finish was ordered then it is possible that the panels or tops would be constructed of a man-made material, such as plywood to reduce the possibility of shrinkage or splitting.

The mahogany veneers we use for panels, backs and tabletops are real wood veneers and will be veneered on both sides.

Please note that handmade furniture, by its very nature is a unique piece of furniture and as such may not match exactly the pictures shown. For example, the appearance of ‘blemishes’ which are naturally occurring based on the cut of the wood – are not considered faults.

Bespoke Service

Size alterations
We can modify the dimensions of any item in our catalogue. The additional cost for this service is normally from 10 to 25% but can be more for complex items. When altering the dimensions of items, there are two points to note:

  • We may have to change the way the construction is approached, and even consider using veneers or plywood panels.
  • Size changes can adversely alter the appearance of the item. In most cases we will advise if the size makes the piece look ‘odd’ but ultimately, we cannot be held responsible for the choice of dimensions.

Bespoke items
We can look to create almost any design that is made from wood – and each piece is quoted individually. We supply detailed plan drawings for bespoke orders which show all important dimensions in cm. Please note that these dimensions may vary a little due to the piece being handmade, however all your critical and important measurements will be within reasonable tolerance (normally within a few mm). Plan drawings are sent to customers for approval and it is the customers responsibility to check the sizes and build meets their requirements – irrespective of any instructions in emails or phone conversations. This is because it is the plan drawing that goes to the carpenter. The sizes on the drawings are colour coded to help.


If, for any reason you are unable to take delivery of your goods within a reasonable period (4 weeks) we reserve the right to make a small charge for storage. In all cases goods must be paid for in full

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