Sleigh Bed Divan (Mahogany)


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Sleigh Bed Divan

With all the style of the traditional French sleigh design this bed is constructed to accept standard size divans. The headboard and foot board maintain the distinctive swept and curved shape and continue to the floor. The side rails are also extended so they reach to floor to neatly enclose a divan. So why not upgrade your existing or new divan and enclose it within a solid mahogany bed stead.

Sizes (cm)

Overall lengths and width of the bed is plus 11″ and 5″ to the mattress size respectively. For example overall length of a king size bed is length of mattress 6’6″ + 11″ = 7′ 5″. Please note these sizes are approximate, please ask for details if a more accurate size is required.

Headboard Height – 98 cm. Footboard Height – 78 cm.  Height of side rail – 42 cm.

Important note: divans (without the mattress on top) are typically 35 to 39 and are the same as standard mattresses in terms of length and width. Hence they should fit the divan with a gap around to fit bed linen. When ordering we recommend you check the your divan size to ensure a good fit – if need be we can alter the internal sizes of the divan sleigh.


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General Features

  • Timber is sourced from government controlled, sustainable plantations.
  • Hand crafted in mahogany using traditional cabinet making techniques.
  • Use of panelling gives a wonderfully decorative and stylish appearance but is also an excellent cabinet making practice.
  • Furniture built with the extensive use of mortise, tenon, dovetail, and tongue & groove joints.
  • Construction of our mahogany range is mainly solid mahogany but we also use selected flame or swirl mahogany veneers for panelling and large table tops.
  • Hand stained in a variety of rich mahogany colours. Or a choice of painted, durable finishes.
  • Final preparation – hand polished with beeswax (unless a painted finish is chosen) and buffed to bring out the depth and richness of the grain.
  • Handles and fitting are solid brass. Choice of either polished or antique finish. Customers may also request wooden handles when appropriate.
  • This item can be made to measure to any size – please ask for a quote.
  • Assembly: Delivery in sections – some assembly required.

Wood licence - AKD Furniture certification of legal wood.Each piece of mahogany furniture that is made to order is constructed by hand for you. It is then hand sanded and finished in the colour of your choice. It is unique to you, in other words no other piece of furniture exists that is exactly the same.

Of course this does mean it takes time to make our furniture and our lead times are longer than mass produced, machine made furniture – however we believe it is well worth the wait!

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