Regency Round Dining Table (Mahogany)


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Regency Round Dining Table

This traditional hand crafted mahogany table gives a sumptuous classic dining experience. The pedestal has 4 swan neck shaped supports, these have reed carving as does the central support. 4 drawers are cleverly build into the skirt under the table top.

Round tables produce a wonderful dining experience because they create a great party atmosphere with all your guests being fully included.

Everything except the top is solid mahogany (solid available if required) which is constructed using an excellent quality real wood mahogany veneer to give a gorgeous high grained finish. Read more about veneers – click here.

Chair suggestion: there are no particular matching chairs but you could look for a chair that has similarly carved legs. Also chairs that have a curved back look great as the chair backs follow the contours round table edge. See Dining Chairs.

Size (cm)

Popular diameters are: 120; 140; 160; 180; & 200. We can also make this table in any other size if none of these are suitable. Please contact us for a price.

Standard height: 76 cm


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Round Dining Table Seating Guide & Sizes

Remember to allow extra space as round tables generally take up more floor area than conventional rectangular tables, however if you have a room suits, maybe a bay window or curved wall then a round table is perfect.

Standard table height is 76 cm however you may request different height as required.

Size                            Seats              Circumference

140 cm (4’ 7”)            8 to 10            440 cm

160 cm (5’ 3”)            9 to 11            502 cm

180 cm (5’ 11”)          10 to 12          565 cm

200 cm (6’ 6”)            11 to 13          628 cm

These seating suggestions above are a guide only and the actual number of chairs that can fit around the table will depend on the width of the dining chair. We have included the circumference which maybe useful if you know the width of your chairs but remember that when pushing the chair under the table the circumference will decrease.

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