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Solid Wood Furniture with Classic Designs

hand made mahogany furniture

The elegance of solid wood furniture has not been forgotten amongst home lovers.

The durability of solid wood and reproduction furniture is what attracts people as well as the unique look and style it can give your home. Both solid wood and reproduction furniture can have a timeless, classical look but they can still fit in with modern homes.

Classical Furniture in Solid Mahogany

Solid woods such as oak, yew and mahogany are durable and have a classic style which has become more  popular in recent years. Classical looks usually have intricate detail and stand out fabric patterns. When teamed  with simple decor, classic solid wood pieces can create a feeling of grandeur and expense in your home which will draw the eye and invite compliments. There are also styles which are made from the solid woods used in the past, but have a modern look to them. White French furniture looks particularly modern yet also has a vintage, rugged look which is naturally timeless. A beautiful mahogany colonial dressing table will make you feel like a film star from the past and will look supremely refined in your bedroom. A large, open plan room is instantly made homely with a classic solid wood piece and you can add a cosy rug or some strategically placed lamps to set the warm tone of the room.



Reproduction Furniture

Reproduction furniture is designed to replicate antique styles which have become popular once more. If there is a special designer or style you have in mind from history, then you can often get your furniture made to order. Therefore, your reproduction furniture can have the same look as the original antique version, but you are free to choose from a wealth of colours, types of wood and styles of fabric which will fit in with the design of your modern home. However, you are also free to stick to the original design of furniture and have an eye catching piece made for your home.

Reproduction furniture can still look classic in a modern home. In fact, as it is timeless, it can enhance the overall look of your home. In addition to your modern appliances you could add a classic decorative Jacobean piece or a large Victorian piece will be the talking point when your friends come to visit. Modern times have seen the rise in popularity of these replicas as it is much more difficult to obtain the real thing. Your friends need never know the difference and your home will look sophisticated and refined.

The classic English splendour style is effortlessly grand yet will fit right in with your modern home. There are varying styles, therefore you will be sure to find a superb piece which will suit the tone of your home.

The beauty of this kind of furniture is that it is durable and will therefore draw the eye of your visitors for years to come. You could also complement your new furniture with some wooden Venetian blinds which will set off the warm tone of the room and give a natural, yet modern feel. Solid wood and reproduction furnishings are classic and never go out of style.

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