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Sleigh Beds with Storage

reed carved sleigh bed with storage drawers

Well let’s face it we would all like to have clutter free bedrooms.

Unfortunately the harsh reality of everyday life is where exactly do we put all our gear! One alternative is to invest in a bed with storage. We have a number of attractive mahogany Sleigh Beds with storage to temp you.

Wooden bed with storage drawers and faux leather head and foot board

Looking at all those polished pictures in the glossy home improvement magazines you would think we all live without any possessions. Of course everyday life is not like this and many bedrooms become strewn with a multitude of articles as we go about our busy lives.


So when your chests and wardrobes begin to bulge at the seams turn to your bed for extra storage. Large drawers set into the base of a mahogany sleigh bed are an excellent storage option. Like this mahogany Reeded King Sleigh Bed with storage drawers each side of the bed.

bed with storage drawers in the mahogany side rails

The drawers are cut into the side rails and glide open on sturdy metal runners. Closed they form part of this irresistible sleigh bed with its handsome reeded panels and curved lines.


A variety of sleigh bed designs are available such as the Celtic Sleigh Bed with four storage drawers constructed in solid wood. Here the drawer fronts are shaped to become a part of the side rail. Without handles they are almost hidden thus maintaining the clean straight lines of the crafted mahogany.

Mahogany sleigh bed with 4 storage drawers

An alternative to the storage drawers on runners is to have the drawers as separate units to the bed. These ‘drawers’ or boxes are mounted on castors and are simply pushed under the bed, their fronts becoming part of the side rails. They maybe not quite so neat but they are larger with a much greater storage capacity than standard drawers…and storage is what we all need!

Mahogany sleigh bed with pull out storage drawers

These pictures show our beds with storage in traditional shades of mahogany but you may also opt for a painted finish for a more fresh and light feel. All these beds are made to order so you have a large choice of sizes and colours. Please visit the mahogany bed section for prices and colour choices and if you have any questions call or email, we will be happy to speak to you.


Mahogany panelled sleigh bed with 6 storage drawers
Panelled Sleigh Bed with Storage Drawers. Order code: BD340Q

Colonial American style mahogany bed with drawers

6 drawers in a solid mahogany Tudor style bed


12 thoughts on “Sleigh Beds with Storage

  1. Hi how much is a kingsuze sleigh bed with drawers

  2. Hi Melanie

    Thank you for your enquiry and I have emailed you some links to the Sleigh beds with drawers that we have.Please let me know if you need any further information or wood samples.

    Many thanks.


  3. i am looking for king size / 6 feet bed. Please send some links / price information

  4. Hi, thanks for the message.

    This link will take you to our beds – all are available in the king size.

    We can also add storage to most of the models if required.

    Kindest regards

  5. Where do I find or uninformed for these please?

  6. Where do I find pricing for these please

  7. Can I have prices please for kingsize with storage drawers. Thanks

  8. Hi Michelle,

    There are several models and in fact most of the beds can be made with storage.
    If you go to there are a few models with storage with prices for each size.
    For example the Reeded Sleigh Bed with Drawers king size is £1,329.00 see

    General Information
    All these beds are made to order which takes approximately 18 weeks. Only 35% deposit is required to start an order.
    There is a choice of colours and you can even change the headboard / footboard height etc.

    If you need any further information please contact me.

    Andy Dimoline
    01392 424037

  9. Hi
    Could you tell me how much is a king size sleigh bed with 4 drawers

  10. Hi Fred,

    Thanks for your enquiry.
    Price is £1,315.00
    If you go to there are more details plus the colour choices.

    Please note these beds are made to order.
    Lead time approx 18 weeks but only 35% deposit is needed to start the order.

    Best regards

  11. Do you have a showroom in Dublin

  12. Hi Marion,

    No we do not have a showroom in Dublin, in fact we have no showrooms at all anywhere.
    Currently we only operate online and cover mainland UK postcodes.

    Kind regards

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