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Retro Hardwood Furniture Collection

Retro Hardwood Furniture Collection reclaimed wood and metal

A fabulous collection of furniture with real retro flare!

The 1950,s and 60’s saw an explosion of new fashions and styles, and furniture design certainly did not miss out! So transport yourself back to an earlier decade with our Retro Hardwood Furniture Collection.

Retro Hardwood Furniture Collection. Rounded corners, solid reclaimed wood.

You will find numerous living and dining room pieces such as TV cabinets, chest of drawers, bookcases, side tables, dining tables and sideboards to purchase as a matching set or a one of piece as a focal point. This furniture features distinctive curved corners on the edges and rounded corners on drawer and cupboard fronts which sit on strong metal legs.

General Features

To add to the retro appeal the collection is hand crafted entirely from reclaimed solid wood and metal. The wood is eco-friendly and naturally finished with just a light polishing to bring out the true beauty of the wood grain.

Handles? Well there are none, at least none that you can see, there are hidden grove handles underneath. This leaves the door and drawer fronts marvelously uncluttered which again adds to the retro furniture feel.

The reclaimed wood is carefully selected to give a two tone colouring effect, the doors and drawers being lighter than the tops and sides. For example in the picture of the narrow bookcase and sideboard below the sides and shelves are a bit darker than the drawer fronts giving the handsome two tone effect. Also the beauty of the grain of the wood is highlighted because it is left almost natural with lust a light waxing and buffing and not masked by any varnish or heavy finish.

Retro Hardwood Furniture Collection sideboard and bookcase

Each piece is fitted with robust metal legs which are shaped to angle outwards. The mixture of the two materials, solid wood and metal create a slightly funky look to this furniture collection which is reminiscent of an earlier decade. Here are a few more examples of a our retro hardwood dining table, writing desk and TV and a good looking set of stools.

If your are looking for something a little different that is vibrant and new take a look for yourself see the full range HERE