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Ravishing Rattan Beds

Bed with rattan head and foot board. Solid mahogany frame hand carved with floral design.

Ever considered a rattan bed? They make a lovely alternative to our solid wood beds.

The rattan which is woven to create some wonderful patterns gives these beds a certain charm all of their own, perhaps it is because rattan is a natural product coming from dried plant fibres? Whatever it is the blending of two naturally occurring products, that of mahogany and rattan, undoubtedly works very well. The results are plain to see…the most enchanting and alluring beds.

By incorporating rattan (also called wicker or cane) into our solid wood beds both the feel and look are transformed. Typically the wooden panels will be replaced by woven rattan so the head and foot boards still have a sturdy, solid wood frame but filled with woven rattan panels. The side rails remain solid mahogany so there is no loss of strength. In addition the bed frame can still be carved with traditional patterns to add detail and interest.

The Georgia Rattan Bed below has a light mahogany bed frame with a low foot board and two rattan panels in the shaped headboard. There are more wood colours available as well as painted colours.

Rattan headboard bed with low foot board. Frame solid mahogany








The rattan gives the beds a more light, open appearance which can lift and lighten a bedroom and then depending on your colour choice you can either enhance the fresh open look with a white or cream finish. Or for a more cosy warm feel go for one of our rich wood colours.

For example the Hampton Caned Bed below has quite striking with an imposing head and foot board. For some, although they like the idea of high head boards because of the grandeur and intimacy they give, none the less shy away from them because it feels too enclosed. But exchange the solid panels with rattan and finish the bed in a soft white or cream the mood changes to a very much more open one. You can then have the best of both worlds, grand head and foot board with a lighter feel.

White painted rattan bed with hand carved frame in solid mahogany.








If you want to warm things up a bit then choose one of the mahogany colours. Below is our Versailles Rattan Bed which has been finished in a traditional mahogany colour. The rattan still gives it an impression of openness but at the same time you also get a more snug cosy feel. Which ever you choose these beds are all wonderfully luxurious and will certainly make a stunning focal point of any bedroom….we leave it to your imagination to dress the bed with your favourite bed linen with your perfect colour scheme.

Bed with rattan head and foot board. Solid mahogany frame hand carved with floral design.








Day beds are another option where rattan works very well. They are very decedent and something to be lazed in all day! This one below has rattan panels in the back and sides. The dark wood colour would look sumptuous in conservatory setting or again can be lightened with a white or cream colour finish.

Day bed with rattan back and sides. Frame and base are solid mahogany

Purchasing & Practical Information

All our rattan beds are made to order in a choice of colours and all the standard bed sizes as well as any other bed size you want. The frames are constructed individually, they are hand made and carved by our carpenters and the rattan is then hand woven into the frames by skilled artisans before finishing in your chosen colour.

The beds are slatted which are supported on sturdy wooden beams, each slat can be screwed down which makes these beds rock solid. The other advantage of slatted beds are they are considered very hygienic because the mattress can get a good amount of air flow from beneath

The beds are delivered in several sections so they will fit up almost all stairwells. The sections are easy to assemble but if you would prefer to have this done for you our carriers will assemble the bed for you and remove the packaging for an extra charge.*

NOTE: if you can’t find these beds in our online shop it does not mean they are not available it is most likely we have not yet added it to the shop, we have over 2000 items that could be added to the shop! Please contact us for a price.

Bed Care

Mahogany wood colours

From time to time, say every 6 months, it is a recommended that the frame is waxed with a good quality wax. This can be a hard wax or cream wax. It is also OK to use spray polishes but choose one that does not contain silicon but natural waxes. This will feed the wood by replacing some of natural oils in wood and at the same time build up the patina (depth of finish).

The rattan can be wiped down with damp cloth and mild detergent to remove any dirt. Rattan over time can dry out especially if left in direct sunlight. An little oil such as linseed or danish can be applied with a brush to extend the life of the rattan. If you do apply oil please make sure the oil is fully dried before letting bed linen come into contact with it. Oils straight out of the tin can be quite thick so our tip is to dilute it with 50% white spirit, it will be easier to apply and dry quicker!

Painted colours

Simply wipe down with a damp cloth. A mild solution of detergent and brush can be used on more ingrained dirt. Don’t over rub or use a very hard brush, an tooth brush is ideal. Touch up any little chips with a matching matt colour paint. Tip: poster paints works very well and are very cheap and none toxic.

For more information please call us your send us any questions using our CONTACT FORM.

*T & C’s apply, see Delivery Information.