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Partners Desk

Mahogany partners desk with drawers and cupboard both sides

Originally the partners desk was designed to be sat both sides and so had to be large enough to accommodate to people working opposite each other.

The name ‘partners’ was used for this type of desk because traditionally it was partners in a firm of solicitors or accountants who would have such a desk.

Partners desk with wide filing drawers. Solid mahogany.

This desk as the name implies has two sides and typically one side will be the mirror image of the other side. The top section consists of three drawers in row, the central drawing being wider the the outer two. The top section slots onto two pedestals. One pedestal has one large cupboard and the other has a set of drawers. Many of the original partners desks would not have had the cupboard but would also a further set of drawers.

Mahogany Partners Desk with Filing Drawers. Black leather top

The top of the desk has three section and each section would be covered in leather which was very often a bottle green or burgundy colour. The leather was further enhanced by gold embossing a design around the edges of the leather inserts.

White Painted Partner Desk 9 Draws
White Painted Partners Desk

Today at AKD Furniture we still supply the partners desk very much as it was originally designed with the added advantage of being able to customise it to have filing drawers, flap down drawer for a keyboard or even sliding shelves for a scanner or small printer.

The construction of the Partners Desk is from solid mahogany and is available in three standard sizes – 160cm x 84cm; 180cm x 90cm; & 180cm x 100cm. But AKD Furniture offers a bespoke service whereby you can order the size of your choice and alter the drawer and cupboard configuration to suit your own personal needs.

mahogany L shaped corner desk

With the advance in fabric the tops are now finished in faux leather which are now excellent imitations of leather and have the added advantage of being easily washable. However for a small additional cost leather in a variety of colours can be used – after all there is nothing like the real thing!

Mahogany partners desk with all drawers
Georgian Partner Desk

Now-a-days the partners desk is rarely used in the way it was designed with two partners sitting opposite each other as they work. It is used more commonly as a single persons desk which is grand and imposing and of course offers exceptional amounts of storage space.

Partner Desks Variations

AKD Furniture – can supply a partners desk custom built to your own specifications.

  • Mahogany Georgian Partners Desk with Filing Drawers and wine read leather top

    Georgian Partners Desk with Filing Drawers (Mahogany)

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  • Mahogany pedestal desk with shaped ogee feet and 9 drawers.

    Sherwood Pedestal Desk with Ogee Feet (Mahogany)

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  • L Shaped Corner Pedestal Desk (Mahogany)

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  • Mahogany partners desk with drawers and cupboard both sides

    Partners Desk (Mahogany)

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