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Painted and Shabby Chic Furniture

Painted & distressed French Country furniture in a variety of stunning colours.

Why not lighten and lift your home? With these traditional and classic furniture pieces which have been painted a beautiful crisp white or antique white you can transform your home to give it a very spacious and clean feel.


Any item can be finished in a choice of plain or nearly whites. We can also slightly distress our painted finishes for a more antique look as well as more distressed and crackly finishes – the choice is yours!

 About Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is the way we describe a style of old painted furniture which is a bit worn so that there are areas of bare wood showing through layers of paint. Here’s an example of a shabby chic Hi Fi or TV Unit which shows the type of finish that can be applied to all our models at AKD Furniture

Originally the term was coined in the UK probably because the UK has a large number of old manor houses or stately homes filled with old, antique or chintz interiors and furniture. Some of this furniture particularly bedroom furniture was painted and over the years has become worn and shabby hence – SHABBY CHIC. In fact this style is now very popular and considered very fashionable.

A room thoughtfully decorated in this style will look absolutely stunning and very feminine.

This style is also much associated with French château or country cottage furniture. The furniture is typically painted in numerous colours but mostly in pastels, white and off whites.

The process by which we produce the shabby chic effect on new furniture is to paint it the desired colour and then with wire wool or fine grade sandpaper literally rub off a small areas of the paint to reveal the bare wood. Of course just rubbing off paint without much thought can produce a rather false effect however by taking care to rub areas which would naturally get worn (for example the tops or exposed parts of a carving and various edges) a very authentic effect is produced.

Other effects that can be supplied are crackle glaze finish where the finish has a multi cracked appearance but perhaps more popular and in vogue is the delicate white painted finish which can be antiqued to produce a ‘lived in’ feel.

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