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Mahogany vs Walnut: Which Should You Choose?

Rectangular Mayan Walnut Open Coffee Table with magazine shelf

Solid wood is a great choice for furniture and decor – it is strong, durable, and has a timeless look that can suit almost any aesthetic. However, not all woods are equal when it comes to choosing your furniture. In this blog, we will be looking at two popular hardwoods you may be considering – here’s what you need to know about the mahogany vs walnut debate.


Mahogany is a straight, close-grained hardwood, with the close grain a result of slow growth and also what gives the wood its unmatched strength, density, and hardness. There are many species of mahogany, but it is always prized for its distinctive appearance – a deep, rich red-brown colour. Mahogany is reminiscent of Georgian and Victorian furniture, can be polished to a very high shine, and will often darken over time.

Mahogany has many of the advantages typical of hardwoods, such as strength, durability and longevity. It is also resistant to water and rot, as well as general wear and tear. It can work well with a range of finishes such as black or white paint, or wood stains that enhance the natural tones and grain.


Like mahogany, walnut is also a close-grained hardwood, but the colour can vary from a light golden brown to a light grey-brown. The grain of walnut wood, like mahogany, is typically straight, although it can have waves or curls that enhance its character. There is also likely to be more colour variation within a single piece of walnut than you will typically find in a single piece of mahogany.

Walnut is hard and resilient, with good resistance to shrinking, warping and decay. Walnut wood is quite easy to work with and, as a result, it is often used for detailed carving and turning, as well as furniture, cabinetry and wood veneers.

Mahogany vs walnut – which is best?

It is hard to say which is a clear winner in the mahogany vs walnut debate as your choice will depend a lot on your aesthetic and both are great woods. There are some external factors, such as budget, which may affect your decision, but even this is negligible in this case; walnut may be slightly cheaper than mahogany, but it is still fairly pricey – in the case of both kinds of wood, you are paying for the quality.

The main difference between these two hardwoods is in the colour. Mahogany has a more ‘classic’ and antique look while walnut is more modern and understated. This means that some home aesthetics may suit one more than the other, but solid wood generally can work well in most settings, whether it’s rustic or more contemporary in style.


When deciding what the best choice of wood is for your home, you have to trust your personal taste and consider what matches best with your existing home aesthetic.

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