Mahogany Finishing Process

Detail hand carved mahogany unfinished.

Mahogany is a valuable and precious wood.  It takes some 30 years to grow a mahogany tree so once it is skilfully hand crafted into a stunning piece of furniture it deserves high quality and careful finishing. This will bring out the woods natural beauty of the wood and will last the owner many, many years.

The mahogany we use is plantation grown, regulated and licenced.

The 11 Step Finishing Process

1. Furniture is sanded using a three grades of sanding paper – 150, 240, 320 grit sand paper.

2. One coat of filler is applied and allowed to fully dry.

3. Sanded again using 400 grit sand paper.

4. Rubbed with fine grade steel wool to get an ultra smooth finish.

5. First coat of sanding sealer applied by spray and allowed to harden then cut back with fine steel wool.

6. Second coat of sanding sealer, again cut back with steel wool

7. Hand stained in the customers choice of colour.

8. Fine colour toning by spray – a skilled process to produce a consistent colour time after time.

9. Matt, semi gloss or full gloss nitrocellulose lacquer top coat is applied by spray and allowed to fully harden then de-nibbed with fine steel wool and beeswax.

10. Hand polished with beeswax and buffed to bring out the depth of colour and grain.

11. If required a final coat of linseed oil is applied and buffed to enhance the ‘patina’ of the furniture before being wrapped for shipping.

mahogany hand carved dutch style mirror frameAll mahogany furniture which we import goes through this finishing process before it is wrapped ready for shipping and final delivery to your home.

To produce beautiful furniture it does take time and effort. This finishing process is a big part of that effort and makes all the difference in the look and feel of our furniture – we certainly hope you agree.