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Large TV Cabinets

Extra large TV unit with sliding doors and attached display and storage cabinets.

Finding Large TV Cabinets which are both functional and at the same time a wonderful piece of furniture can turn into quite a task.

One of the main problems is that each persons media equipment can vary hugely in terms of size and number of tv boxes, dvd, X box etc owned. Finding a TV unit large enough to hold oversized televisions and all the media units that you may have is daunting.

At AKD Furniture we have a solution. We make a number of large and extra large TV units or entertainment centres that can be custom built to hold your particular media setup and hide it all neatly behind doors.

Our large TV cabinets can be adapted to be tv wall units or large tv corner cabinets it all depends on what suits your circumstances.

How To Order

All you need to do is email us or phone us with the style you like and the overall dimensions (height, width and depth) if known and the TV size plus any detail about how you want the storage arranged. We can then give you a quote or we may ask for some more details before this can be done. In any case we only need basic information to get a quote, the finer details can be approved from the technical drawing. For more information on our bespoke and custom made service CLICK HERE.

The pictures on this page will show you a variety of different styles. There are units with doors which open and slide back into the tv unit revealing the television behind. There are drawers, cupboards and shelf spaces to hold even the largest collection of electrical media devices as well as display cabinets to store cd and dvd’s or vinyl records.

Extra Large Campaign Style TV Entertainment Unit

The cabinets and entertainment units are constructed in solid mahogany and there is a choice colour finishes ranging from a light mahogany to a dark mahogany stain. There is also a number of painted finishes so of you wanted a large white tv unit that is not a problem – we can even have painted finishes antiqued or distressed.

Although we mainly use mahogany in the construction of our furniture we can also use a wood called sungkai which is an Indonesian local wood. The grain and colour is very similar to oak, so if you want something a little more exotic than an oak tv cabinet have one made in sungkai.

Extra large TV unit with sliding doors and attached display and storage cabinets.

More examples of large TV Cabinets with and without doors.

If you would like to find out more about our custom built service or would like a quote please contact us.


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