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How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway

Decorating should be an enjoyable experience where you transform your home into a place of comfort and style. Decorating small spaces, however, can be a headache as you will likely have to make compromises on what you initially had in mind in order to keep enough space for navigation and keep the space bright to avoid it seeming even smaller.

This is especially true with narrow hallways, a heavy traffic area where room must be retained, but you still want to make use of the space. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips on how to decorate a narrow hallway. 

Make use of mirrors

One tip we always give when it comes to decorating a narrow hallway is to make use of mirrors. Mirrors on the walls will make the space appear larger by reflecting light and, in the case of larger mirrors, can create the illusion that the hallway is twice as big. 

A mirror will also give you somewhere to check your appearance before you go out the door. You may choose a long mirror hung lengthways down the hallway or smaller mirrors staggered down one or both sides.

Use purpose-built furniture

Furniture created specifically to fit in a hallway tends to be narrower, whilst still giving you the functionality you need, such as our hall stands and tables. These pieces can provide you with storage and surfaces on which to put pictures, plants, and ornaments, or even just a place for your keys. 

Some storage units also double up as a seat and can be a good place to put your shoes on or just take a moment after coming in.

Clear the clutter

Before you decorate your narrow hallway, you need to make sure it is clear. One sure way to make any room seem small is to fill it with clutter, and this effect is further exaggerated in a small space, such as a hallway. 

Keep clutter to a minimum with easy storage solutions such as wall mounted shelves or cubby holes or, if you have an alcove or an area under the stairs that isn’t being used, invest in a custom-fitted storage unit to make use of the space. This can be as simple as some shelving, or even something more elaborate like tiered sliding drawers.

Opt for wall mounting

Hallways are often used to hang up our coats and jackets when we come in from the cold, maybe in a cupboard or on a coat stand, but in a narrow hallway, this often isn’t viable. 

What you can do instead is make use of wall-mounted hooks and coat racks to keep your belongings tidy without taking up any floor space. Just make sure these don’t block any natural light coming through windows around the doorway.

Go bright with the walls

Bright walls make rooms seem bigger and, conversely, dark colours make rooms seem smaller. You can’t get any brighter than white so we would recommend it for decorating the walls in your narrow hallway. 

If you don’t want white, you could consider an off-white or buy some tester pots of light pastel shades. Just stay away from very dark, rich colours as these will close the space in, even if contrasted with lighter trim and furnishings.


It can be extremely challenging to decorate a narrow hallway, but by using these tips you can create something that is practical, stylish and makes the same seem much bigger than it is. 

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