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Handmade Furniture..Yes it really is!

Mahogany logs on the way to the saw mill

When it says “Handmade” we mean “Handmade” – right from the very beginning to the end product!

The wood for our furniture, which is cut from sustainable plantation mahogany, is sawn on a very basic saw, operated by hand, by our very skilled operator in a no frills outside mill, due to the hot and humid weather. The wood arrives on lorries, is unloaded, graded and then cut, they even repair the massive saws themselves.

From here it goes to our factory to be dipped to get rid of any bugs and then kiln dried to make sure that all the moisture has been taken out. This takes days and days, and in the monsoon weather, this has to be done several times.

This avoids any problems with splitting in the future and is a very very important part of the process, hence why we spend so much time on it. From here the carpenter will then come and choose the perfect wood he wants to make your pieces of furniture, it will be individual to you. Come and have a look at what we can make for you..

Mahogany logs graded into lengths. Saw mill IndonesiaMahogany logs cut into planksBand saw cuts logs into planksBand saw blade sharpenerMahogany planks stacked for kiln dryingMahogany stacked in kiln dryerChemical dip for mahogany wood to remove woodworm