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Hand Carving Mahogany Chair Frames

Hand carved mahogany chair frame roses

The short video below shows one of our customer orders under construction. The solid mahogany frames, with a reproduction antique design are built in sections and hand carved into ornate patterns.

Here the backs of the matching arm chairs and sofa are exquisitely carved with rose flowers and other floral designs. Once the frame is fully constructed and the carvings finished it is then transported to the factory where it is quality checked and super sanded to make the surface smooth. It is then finished with a mahogany stain and lacquered before being hand polished. It is then ready to be upholstered.

The picture below was taken in one of our carpenters workshop. He had been commissioned to make a set of matching arm chairs and 2 seater sofa. This is the raw mahogany frame with the delicately hand carved rose flowers.

Hand carved mahogany chair frame roses
Raw Mahogany Chair Frame. Hand Carved with Rose Design
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