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Hand Carved Initials & Coat of Arms

Mahogany carved coat of arms and initials

Here is an idea….how about having your initials and your loved one of course, carved onto a bed headboard!

It could also be your family coat of arms, family badge or indeed any special motif that has meaning to you. We can have it hand carved and positioned on one of our mahogany beds or any piece for that matter!

This is great way to personalise a piece of furniture. It is certainly a way to make any bed totally unique and perhaps something that can be passed from generation to generation. Such personalised hand carvings were common in times gone when coats of arms, shields and badges of honour were held in high regard. In more modern times such carving will certainly add a touch class and glamour.

Rope Twisted 4 Poster Bed with Carved Initials and Family Badge

Mahogany 4 poster bed with canopy and personalised with carved initials and bespoke carving

Another piece of furniture to consider personalising is our mahogany Gentleman’s Valet Stand. Below is an example of the initial plan drawing and a picture of the finished valet stand.

For more details about our bespoke service click this link

So if you would like to have your coat of arms or your initials expertly carved onto any of our beds in the position and size of your choice just ask us for details. Of course it is more practical on certain beds such as those with flat panelled head or footboards for example. However we can normally find a way to include your initials on any of our mahogany beds, and it really is not that expensive!

Carved initials on mahogany Rococo Bed headboard

We can also personalise your bed with other carving of your choice on the head, foot board or even the side rails. In fact you can have this done on all our furniture so its not restricted to just beds although this seems to be the most popular!

Family Coat of Arms Carved on Headboard of Mahogany 4 Poster Bed

Mahogany 4 poster bed personalised with carved coat of arms

Another great piece of furniture to consider have some specialist carving done on would be one of our Colonial home bars or perhaps on one of the larger display cabinets. But for sure which ever piece of furniture this is done on it will make it very special!

For more details about our bespoke service click this link


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