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Four Poster Beds

Elizabethan Four Poster Bed Mahogany

Four poster beds in the modern world have a romantic and ornate appeal, synonymous with elegant living and opulent surroundings.

The history of four-posters, though, is more rooted in practicalities. The curtains provided protection from drafts in castle bedrooms along with privacy for the lords and ladies who slept in them. Originally, in medieval times, the curtains were hung from the roof or ceiling, but gradually over time the design of the bed evolved into a frame structure, making the canopy and drapes an integral part of the bed itself.

Queen Anne Four Poster Bed (antique white)We specialise in solid mahogany hand crafted four poster beds which are generally made to order. Some of the the more popular models maybe in stock ready for immediate delivery, please contact us for details. In addition we offer a fabulous bespoke service where we can make new four poster models (all we need is a picture) or have any bed made to measure.

We don`t need much draft-proofing or additional privacy in contemporary bedrooms, but we still like elegance and a sense of cosy security and that`s mostly the appeal of modern four-poster beds.

Redecorating, updating, remodelling and upgrading our homes has become a national pastime, with each successive rework raising the bar on sophistication. No longer content with a standard house, we now want conservatories, gaming rooms, wet rooms and dressing rooms. Bedrooms are more than a place to sleep, they`re also a place to relax, to watch TV and listen to music, to read and to generally unwind.

Beds are no longer just for sleeping in. They must look the part, buying into the fantasy of wonder that`s possible with modern furniture and design. The four poster bed fits the bill and whether you choose to have a canopy and drapes or simply the four posts with no tester (that`s the roof of the bed), there`s a style that`ll live up to your expectations.

In the days of yore, four posters were usually wood, mainly of oak and finely carved with intricate detail. They looked heavy and dark, definitely belonging in castle bedrooms.

Contemporary four posters, by comparison, are light and airy, with even those of wooden construction promoting a sense of space in the room. Metal four poster beds add a touch of the dramatic, making a statement of strength while still managing to look delicate and intricate. Leaving the metalwork bare to show off the geometric angles introduces a classic touch while keeping the crisp, clean lines of contemporary styling. Choosing this type of four poster gives the best of both worlds, as the lines can also be softened through the addition of rich velvet or feminine, lacy drapery.

Four poster beds are available in all the normal bed sizes, even child sized. If youhenry eigth four poster beds have the space, a king-sized four poster complete with drapes practically provides a room within a room.

For kids, a canopy bed makes their bedroom into a secret den of mystery and adventure and they`re available in styles to appeal to both girls and boys.

Finishing the bedroom with the most extravagant of styling naturally leads to thoughts of ways to upgrade the rest of the house and for the boys of the family one of the main `must haves` is the games room. Kitted out with comfy chairs, a small fridge for drinks and a large screen TV complete with games console will keep all the family happy, not just the male members.

If your looking for solid wood four poster beds click here to view a selection of models. Remember also that we can also make any four poster in any size as well as new models – a truly bespoke service!

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