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Four Poster Beds: Your tranquil refuge.

Types of Mahogany 4 Poster Beds

We all remember as kids going on a family trip to the seaside and staking a claim to a small sunny patch of sand.

Sometimes we didn’t have those colourful wind breakers that dotted the beach and defined a families patch of sand yet it did not matter. All you needed was four stones laid out to form four corners and hey presto!… you had your own little space. An area that was yours, giving you a feeling of shelter which you could step in and out off across the imaginary line between the stones. The same feeling you get when you lay a blanket down on grassy slope to have a picnic. The edge of the blanket becomes the edge of your area with its invisible wall. As a child it’s like the blanket is floating in mid air or you’re on a boat and you need to stay within the edge for safety.

And so it is with a four poster beds! Get into one of our mahogany four poster beds and you will instantly know what I mean – a sense of cosy security descends on you. Being surrounded by four posts immediately creates a sense of safety, the taller the posts the greater the feeling. Then add a canopy, curtains, bed linen and pillows a sanctuary is formed, a space which is secure, cosy and peaceful. Your very own refuge away from the hassle and hurry of daily life.

Elizabethan Four Poster Bed Mahogany

Mahogany Elizabethan Four Poster Bed with Full Canopy

Hand Made

Our mahogany four poster beds come in all shapes and sizes. From simple clean cut designs such as pencil post beds to the elaborate and grand full canopy beds. Every bed is individually hand crafted, solidly built and are available in all the normal standard sizes. Not only that, but they can be custom made to any size. So if you’re after an extra wide bed or posts that need to fit a particular ceiling height it is not a problem.

Construction is done by hand using high quality solid mahogany sourced from sustainable plantations. If the bed has carvings then this is also all done by hand, quite often replicating patterns and designs from times gone by. In addition the bed is finished by hand in the customers chosen colour before being quality checked and wrapped and packed for it long sea journey from Indonesia.
Mahogany Cone Twist Pencil 4 Poster Bed

Dark Mahogany Pencil Bed with Carved Twists Shaped Posts

Finishes & Colours

This is a very personal topic, one persons favourite colour is another’s pet hate. But I think we can all agree that natural wood with the beauty of its grain, the infinite variety of different shades within one stretch of wood and the subtle changes of colour depending on lighting conditions is a wonder to behold. Even if a wood colour does not fit with your vision of what you want there is no denying its allure. Mahogany wood colours are particularly rich and deep giving a sense refinement and luxury.

We have a number of mahogany wood colour choices from light mahogany through to a very dark mahogany. Plus there are some painted finishes which create a more light and open four poster bed, for example our white or cream painted finishes are stunning.

Types of Four Poster Bed

There are a few different types of four poster beds that AKD Furniture supplies. Firstly the pencil post four poster refers to any bed that posts rising from each corner to various heights ending in a shaped finial or simply coming to a point. The narrower the posts or more ‘pencil’ like the more elegant and delicate the look and feel. Typically the four posts will all be of equal height but you can opt for the footboard posts to be shorter, this also gives the bed a lovely balanced look.  For example the two pencil post beds below are the same model but with different post heights. They both look splendid yet the one with the shorter posts has a more open feel. Also bear in mind that having different posts heights will change the way you approach dressing the bed. Of course you don’t have to dress the bed – indeed these beds look great without swags and viols, a fabulous look can be created colour coordinating bedspread, duvet and cushions.


Next are four poster bed with a canopy. This canopy is either open such as the Queen Anne Four Poster Bed featured below in three different colours.

Or with a closed canopy in the case of the three stately like mahogany beds shown below. These beds give all the options to be fully dressed. Curtains can be hung from each corner plus a lighter fabric can be hung inside these and either both curtains can be pulled fully closed or just the inner, the options are endless!

Finally there is the short canopy know as a half tester. See the ornately hand carved example below. Not strictly four poster beds, more of a bed with a very grand headboard but even so they have the same feel and can be adorned with curtains and fabrics. They have a less enclosed appearance and generally they are very ornate with an extremely magnificent headboards and overhung with a short canopy.

Mahogany Louis Carved Half Tester Bed

Half Tester Mahogany Bed with Ornately Carved Head, Footboard & Short Canopy

Delivery & Assembly

The four poster bed arrives to you safe in sturdy packaging. For obvious reasons it is in several sections for ease of transport and to fit through your front door! But fear not assembly is fairly straight forward and instructions are available to aid you along the way. Or if you don’t fancy a bit of DIY we have an assembly service that will do it all for you. Either way the standard delivery is a 2 man service to your room of choice, just bear in mind that our delivery guys need reasonable access!

Dressing Your Four Poster – at last the best bit!

Dressing these four poster beds is probably one of the most rewarding jobs and a big favourite with our customers. Time and time again they say “we could’nt wait for the bed to arrive to dress it!” Form the sounds of it most people put a big effort into deciding on and theme and then choosing the fabrics to bring it all to life.

Its not surprising after all this is your chance to go bold and glamours with your choices of fabrics and bed linen or subtle and understated. There is massive array of choices but whatever you end up with is bound to look stunning against the charm of a mahogany four poster bed.

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