What areas do you deliver to?

We cover only mainland UK, that is England, Scotland and Wales. We do not deliver to Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Ireland etc.

Customers are of course welcome to arrange their own collection and delivery from our warehouse or we are happy to deliver to a port address.

Sorry but we are unable to accept returns once items have been collected from our warehouse or signed for at the designated port address.

What other solid woods are available?

We also supply a range of oak, walnut and reclaimed or salvaged solid wood products.

These are normally in stock and the average delivery time is 10 days.

Please explain the colour choices?

The first thing to understand is that colour choices ONLY relate the mahogany furniture that has colour choices. All other products listed on this website are as per the picture and there is no colour choice.

So for all the mahogany pieces there are several wood colours and painted colours to choose from. See the Colour & Finishes page. You can make your choose by clicking the drop down menu on each product page.

Also note that as we do not have pictures of the mahogany products in all the different colours so when you click on a colour choice the picture will not always change to your colour choice.

Please ask for colour samples if required.

Oak, Walnut & Reclaimed Woods

These products are finished in the colour portrayed in the picture. There are no other choices.

Why is the lead time for the mahogany furniture so long?

NOTE: this answer relates to our mahogany furniture only, that is to the pieces that are made to order and not other ranges that are in stock – these will normally be delivered within 10 working days.

Made to order items:

We aim to meet a lead time of 18 weeks but this is an average and it can take considerably longer, even 20 to 22 weeks. Yes we agreed this is a long time and we make no secret of the fact, sorry it just how it is and we totally understand that this lead time does not work for all.

There are a number of factors that affect the lead time. The obvious one is that shipping a container of furniture from Indonesia takes about 6 weeks including the loading and unloading each end. If there are shipping delays, which we can do nothing about, this time will be extended.

That leaves around 10 weeks to manufacture, finish, and wrap a whole container of furniture. Many of the orders are non standard and bespoke, requiring technical drawings and lengthy discussions with carpenters. This means the production process is a great deal slower than for stock and standard items.

We are unable to guarantee delivery dates because have no control over shipping times.

We do try and reduce lead times but to be honest there is not a lot we can do. All we can say is that it is not uncommon to wait 12 weeks for a standard sofa to be delivered which is manufactured in say Poland. Ok you can wait another 6 weeks for our furniture but it will be hand made for you and even to your own design!

What happens if I am not at home to take a delivery?

We will never make a delivery unless you are at home. Our delivery company will call you direct and make a specific date and time slot for the delivery to ensure someone is at home to receive and sign for the furniture.

How do I order a non standard or bespoke item?

1.) Online:

– select items and choices and proceed to checkout as normal.

– at the payment page choose the ‘pay by cheque’ option and complete. In other words do not make a payment at this stage. We will then return your order with the 50% deposit amount and link back to the website to complete with this deposit payment by card or PayPal.

– there is a box to enter any special instructions in the checkout or you can send a separate email with any special instructions.

2.) Email:

– go to contact page on the website (or email admin@akdfurniture.co.uk)

– please supply item / colour and handle choice / name / address / contact numbers / any special instructions

– we will then prepare an order for with full details and payment options.

​3.) Phone:

– call us on 01392 424037 and we will take all the details. If we are busy and you get the answer machine please leave a message or email us with your phone number so we can ring you​ as soon as we can.

How do I order a standard item?

Simply choose the size, colour and handles as applicable, add the item to the checkout and follow the online instructions. If you wish to add any special instructions, such as advising us of a particular leather colour required or changing the handles to a different type  there is a place during the checkout to add these notes.

If the item is in stock our delivery company will contact you direct to make the arrangements.

If the item is not in stock we will inform you and you will have the choice to have the item made to order (16 weeks) or have a full refund.

What guarantees does your furniture have?

Fully guaranteed and will be repaired, refunded or replaced if there is any manufacturing fault outside what would be considered naturally occurring in real wood and being hand made.

This guarantee also applies for damage caused during shipment and delivery.

Any problems must be notified within 30 days of receiving the item(s).

We DO NOT guarantee to replicate colours, finishes, leather, faux leather and fabrics exactly against any pictures. This is due to the natural variations of wood and photography amongst other things.

Is all the furniture solid mahogany?

Most of the furniture is made of entirely solid mahogany. However for sound manufacturing reasons and not because its cheaper, some table tops and panels are made using a plywood base with a mahogany veneer.

For example dinning tables over 180 cm are recommended to be made with a veneer top. Also panels in the sides of display cabinets are plywood veneer so as to avoid the normal tendency of real wood to expand and shrink in response to climate conditions especially humidity.

If requested we are happy to use solid mahogany but we would not necessarily recommend it.

How does your bespoke furniture service work?

There are three main types of bespoke work we do:

Made To Measure furniture

Size and layout alterations of an existing model. For example you like the Partners Desk but need it to be 165 cm wide to fit a particular space and you would prefer all drawers rather than the cupboard.

Not a problem just tell us your requirements!

Custom Made furniture

Combining elements of two or more models plus altering sizes. For example you like the Colonial TV Cabinet but rather than the plinth base you want the carved legs of the Chippendale Coffee Table. The central opening needs to be XX cm wide to fit your Sky box and there needs to be a hole for cables 5cm diameter in the back left.

Not a problem just tell us your requirements!

Bespoke Furniture

Model not on our website or new complete item. For example you have found a bed you love in a book, magazine or another website but want it replicated in mahogany. OR you have a sketch or drawing of your perfect wine rack but can’t find one where the bottle holders, drawers and shelves are in the right place for you.

Not a problem just tell us your sketch!

How long will it take to delivery the furniture?

Items in stock in the UK will normally take up to 14 days. Sometimes it can take longer depending on your postcode and your availability to receive the furniture.

Items made to order and not in stock in the UK (this will be most items) will take around 16 weeks which includes production and shipping from Indonesia to the UK.

Although this is quite a long time it does mean you have a large choice of models and finishes. In addition there is the facility to alter sizes to suit. On some occasions this might even save you time when you consider the large amount of time and effort that can go into researching and sourcing the exact piece required.

Are all items in stock in the UK?


No – Although we do hold a small amount of stock in the UK due to the large number of pieces and colour choices most of the products are made to order. This does mean that you can order any of the items in any of the colours and even alter the size if required.

All other ranges such as Oak, Walnut, Industrial, Reclaimed

Yes – these items are normally in stock and can be delivered to you within 10 days.