Colours & Finishes

These colour choices only apply to our mahogany furniture.

PLEASE NOTE: we have carefully chosen these images because they are a good representation of actual colour, however as always with natural wood products & photography some variation is to be expected. We will be happy to post you colour samples.

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We also offer GOLD and SILVER painted & gilt finish.

There are several options and they cost a little extra, for example gold leaf. Please ask for details.

GOLD: various painted gold or gold leaf finishes with or without antiquing.

SILVER: various painted silver or silver leaf finishes with or without antiquing.



Standard Colour Descriptions

LIGHT: emphasises the wood grain. Lots of caramel / flame overtones. With age and in normal conditions this colour tends to darken and mellows towards the TAN colour.

TAN: wonderfully rich & warm. Highlights the evocative ‘flame’ of mahogany.

MID BROWN: traditional, rich brown with a hint of caramel / flame. The mahogany colour we are used to seeing in many of our stately homes in the UK.

COFFEE BROWN: a warm rich finish somewhere between the mid brown and dark colours. Quite a dark mahogany colour but light enough to allow the full beauty of the grain to be seen in normal lighting conditions.

DARK: dark coffee with the slightest hint of flame under bright light. Grain less visible but a powerful colour.

BLACK: painted satin black finish.

FRENCH WHITE: painted pure white colour with a satin finish.

ANTIQUED WHITE: slightly off white for a vintage look. A special antiquing paste is applied over the paint and then rubbed back to leave darker (aged) areas, particularly in the recesses and carvings . This is done by hand and produces a subtle antiqued finish.

FRENCH CREAM: painted mid cream colour with a satin finish.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applying colour and finishes to natural wood is not a exact science so some variation in shades is to be expected. Most would say this is the beauty of wood and is in fact desirable, however it is something to be aware of when viewing these samples and matching wood colours. These are the basic colour choices however we are able to offer other colours on request.

Additional Information – Colour Variations

The density and amount of grain each section of wood contains affects the extend the stain can penetrate the wood. The grain is for every changing along the length of a piece of wood, this results in a wonderful variation of, not only the grain pattern, but shades of colour. If you look at the lighter wood colour samples above you can clearly see the natural variations. In fact staining wood enhances its natural beauty because it highlights the grain.

The lighter the colour choice the greater these variations can be but for the darker stains such as coffee or mid brown the variations are minimal.

White painted samples depicted may vary due to photographic conditions.

Gold highlights added to the painted finishes. This works best on pieces that are carved as it ‘lifts’ and highlights the carved sections.

These colours and finishes are the most popular we do, however there are many more finishes that can be achieved. For example it is quite common to be asked to distress a piece of furniture to give a shabby chic effect or to darken a white painted finish to give a more antique appearance. Numerous painted colours can also be done for example blues and greens distressed or antiqued. So whatever the finish you require stained, painted or gilted please do not hesitate to ask.