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Coastal Chic Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Costal Chic Furniture Collection made from colourful, rustic reclaimed wood.

There is nothing quite like reclaimed furniture owing to the unique origins, the character and the nature of the natural woods that are used in the production process.

Sustainability is huge in today’s contemporary world, which is why our Coastal Chic collection of furniture is constructed entirely from reclaimed wood.
Characterised by elegance and a touch of sophistication, the reclaimed pieces of furniture are crafted with expert hands to add an industrial edge to every rustic design. The Coastal Chic Furniture Collection is made to be treasured and it is easy to see why it is increasingly becoming popular among consumers all over the world.

Coastal Chic Shoe Cupboard made from colourful, rustic reclaimed wood.


Our Coastal Chic collection is so well made that you can be sure that it will serve as the talking point of any space given the uniqueness of the designs and the materials used. From the raw beauty of reclaimed timbers, many from coastal regions of India, every time that you buy furniture that is made with reclaimed wood, you are getting a one of a kind piece. If you are interested in adding Coastal Chic furniture in your home décor, here are some pieces to consider, click the picture to shop now:

The Coastal Chic Dining Table

Coastal Chic Dining Table made from colourful, rustic reclaimed wood.

The Coastal Chic dining table will look amazing in any contemporary home with modern décor thanks to its reclaimed wooden table top and the metal legs. The Dining table was made with sourced hardwood from reclaimed timbers and because it still has its natural coloring, markings, and rustic appearance, the Coastal Chic dining table will make for a vivid focal point in your dining room.

The Coastal Chic Wine Rack

Coastal Chic Wine Rack Lamp Table made from colourful, rustic reclaimed wood.

The Coastal Chic wine rack can also serve as a table lamp. It is made with reclaimed wood salvaged from various locations in Southern India. This wine rack bears intricate artistic woodworking elements on the surface, as well as cast iron highlights that would fit into any coastal style. The wine racks are also fitted with a drawer where you can store your corkscrews, wine openers and stoppers.

Coastal Chic Large Sideboard

Coastal Chic Large Sideboard 3 Door made from colourful, rustic reclaimed wood.

The Coastal Chic large sideboard has ruggedness to its exterior that can only be achieved through excellent craftsmanship. If you are looking for extra storage, this large sideboard can be just what you need to get sorted. Although it is the perfect companions to the Coastal Chic dining table, it can work just as well in the living room or bedroom.

Coastal Chic TV Cabinet

Coastal Chic Widescreen TV Cabinet made from colourful, rustic reclaimed wood.

This Coastal Chic TV cabinet speaks volumes and is without a doubt one of the more sophisticated pieces in the range. Fusing the natural discoloration of the reclaimed wood with a modern twist, this retro style TV cabinet is a great example of how easily reclaimed wood can match an existing modern design style.

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