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Retro Hardwood Furniture Collection

Retro Hardwood Furniture Collection reclaimed wood and metal

A fabulous collection of furniture with real retro flare!

The 1950,s and 60’s saw an explosion of new fashions and styles, and furniture design certainly did not miss out! So transport yourself back to an earlier decade with our Retro Hardwood Furniture Collection.

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Coastal Chic Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Costal Chic Furniture Collection made from colourful, rustic reclaimed wood.

There is nothing quite like reclaimed furniture owing to the unique origins, the character and the nature of the natural woods that are used in the production process.

Sustainability is huge in today’s contemporary world, which is why our Coastal Chic collection of furniture is constructed entirely from reclaimed wood. Continue reading Coastal Chic Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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Urban Chic Range of Furniture

Urban Chic Large Sideboard solid built with reclaimed woods

Our new Urban Chic Range of Furniture is a collection of exciting furniture pieces with an urban, rustic styling. The range is sturdily constructed from salvaged and reclaimed solid woods.

The woods are mainly salvaged from old fishing boats and buildings typical of those found in southern parts of India. This reclaimed wood is cut and sanded to a smooth finish leaving a mixture of the raw wood and painted areas. Continue reading Urban Chic Range of Furniture