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Campaign Mahogany Furniture

Miltary style mahogany media storage unit.

Campaign Mahogany Furniture with Military Styling

Eye Catching Furniture with straight edge styling BUT a little more expensive, why…?

Whilst browsing through the AKD Furniture product list it might have struck you that the military style furniture, called the Campaign range seems to be more expensive when comparing with other similarly sized pieces of furniture. Continue reading Campaign Mahogany Furniture

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Furniture Care Top Tip

Close up picture of mahogany corner desk.

The top tip in caring for our mahogany furniture and indeed all quality furniture is….avoid placing it next to any heating source or air conditioning vent. This includes radiators, stoves or fireplaces.

Heating sources, particularly central heating and air conditioning reduce the moisture content of the air around and so draws moisture out of wood which causes shrinkage which in turn loosens joints and glues. Continue reading Furniture Care Top Tip

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Solid Wood Furniture with Classic Designs

hand made mahogany furniture

The elegance of solid wood furniture has not been forgotten amongst home lovers.

The durability of solid wood and reproduction furniture is what attracts people as well as the unique look and style it can give your home. Both solid wood and reproduction furniture can have a timeless, classical look but they can still fit in with modern homes. Continue reading Solid Wood Furniture with Classic Designs

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Advantages Of Slatted Beds

slatted mahogany sleigh bed

All our beds, including French, Sleigh and Four Poster are constructed using wooden slats to support the mattress.

The main advantage of this is that it allows for the free flow of air under and around the mattress which is great for better hygiene. It is well known that bed bugs are a naturally occurring and quite normal. Continue reading Advantages Of Slatted Beds

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Four Poster Beds

Elizabethan Four Poster Bed Mahogany

Four poster beds in the modern world have a romantic and ornate appeal, synonymous with elegant living and opulent surroundings.

The history of four-posters, though, is more rooted in practicalities. The curtains provided protection from drafts in castle bedrooms along with privacy for the lords and ladies who slept in them. Continue reading Four Poster Beds

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Black Painted Furniture

black curved back sleigh bed

Make a statement with stunning black painted furniture

While shabby chic and antique white painted furniture is very popular and in vogue at the moment it is by no means the only style of furniture. If you want to be bold and add that ‘wow factor’ to some of your living spaces why not consider making a statement with black painted furniture.
Continue reading Black Painted Furniture

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Painted and Shabby Chic Furniture

Painted & distressed French Country furniture in a variety of stunning colours.

Why not lighten and lift your home? With these traditional and classic furniture pieces which have been painted a beautiful crisp white or antique white you can transform your home to give it a very spacious and clean feel.
Continue reading Painted and Shabby Chic Furniture

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Chippendale Furniture

6 seater mahogany Chippendale dining table

Thomas Chippendale – A Brief History.

Chippendale furniture is the name given to furniture designed by a master cabinet maker called Thomas Chippendale. He was perhaps England’s most famous and influential furniture designer of all time. Thomas Chippendale was born in Otley, Yorkshire, England in 1718 and lived to the age of 61 dying of tuberculosis in November 1779. He is buried at St. Martin’s Place in London. Continue reading Chippendale Furniture

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Veneered Furniture

Flame mahogany veneer top on a large round carved coffee table.

Fantastic Flame Mahogany Veneer.

Although the majority of furniture we supply is entirely made of solid wood occasionally, for manufacturing or style reasons we might use another material.

One such example is in the use of veneers. Some very thin veneers such as those used to enhance chip boards may be seen as a down grade from solid wood. However our high quality mahogany veneers are indeed very much an upgrade to the furniture and will certainly add that touch of royalty to a desk, bureau or even a beds headboard. Continue reading Veneered Furniture