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AKD Furinture can supply whole containers & and smaller bulk purchases for the hospitality & retail trades.
Specialist supplier of wholesale mahogany. Either containers of furniture at ex factory prices OR smaller orders on shared container.

If you would like a bulk order price list please supply your email address

Ordering a container of furniture is easy.
There are only 2 things you need to do!!
Step 1: Choose the pieces of furniture required and their colour
Step 2: Receive the container.
And of course make some payments so I guess you could argue that its really 3 steps but whatever the hardest part is choosing the pieces and what colour to finish them in.
We take care of all the rest so you can concentrate on your business.
More in depth details are below which we hope does not sound to complicated but even if it does don’t worry
we do all the work and will guide you through the whole process. Just give us a call!

If you would like a bulk order price list please contact us with your company details.

CONTAINER PURCHASE – Stuff You Need to Know – Terms & Conditions.

The following information is for those customers interested in purchasing container quantities of furniture at factory direct prices.

We hope the below does not sound to complicated but even if it does don’t worry we do all the work and will guide you through the whole process. All you have to do is compile your order. Just give us a call!


Prices are ex-factory prices and do not include freight and delivery charges. See below for example of shipping costs.We will deal with all shipping arrangements.

Prices are quoted in sterling but are linked to local currency and as such can be subject to change if the local currency fluctuates outside certain levels. 20ft standard, 40ft standard and 40ft high cube containers are available.


Height, width and depth sizes are provided for furniture items and due to the hand made nature of this furniture exact sizes cannot be guaranteed however can be guaranteed with a tolerance of 2cm. Every effort is made to quote accurate sizes but occasionally you might find a dimension that is incorrect or appears incorrect. If this is the case we will alter the size to your requirements.

Quantities & Containers

Choice of 20ft, 40ft standard and 40ft high cube containers.

As a guide, a 40ft High Cube container holds around 190-200 items, based on a mixed selection of furniture and a 20ft container takes 50 to 120 items. As you can see these quantities vary greatly due to the different sizes of the items. For example if all bedsides were ordered you could fit many, many more on the container compared to ordering all desks. The order form contains the cubic meter of each item and as a guide the list below shows an approximate cubic meter for each size container.

20ft:              33cbm

40ft STD:       64cbm

40ft HC:         70cbm


All items are checked prior to packing, and then carefully wrapped in corrugated cardboard. All table tops have a layer of foam and all corners have polystyrene protectors for added protection.

Large item of furniture such as wardrobes and beds are shipped broken down and require some assembly. Most of these items come with an instruction sheet.

Payment Terms

This is split into three payments.

1.)  Deposit which is 50% of the stock order including vat and is required before your order can start being processed.

2.)  Balance of stock order becomes due once the order has been shipped. 6 to 8 weeks after deposit is paid. Bill of Lading etc can be produced to verify shipping. Note you only pay the balance on items actually on the container. It is usual for a few items to remain at the factory as ordering an exact full container is rare.

3.)  Final shipping and delivery payment is due when the container reaches the UK. Approximately 4 weeks from shipping date. Note this final payment needs to be immediate as port authorities charge rental for containers left at port longer than 5 working days.


We arrange all the shipping and delivery direct to your premises and charge a very small fee for this. Currently £89 + vat. (June 2009). If you wish to deal with the shipping yourself and have your own agent no problems just let us know and as soon as your balance is paid we will release the shipping documents to you.

Example of shipping and delivery to you door is in the price range of £1,800 to £2300 + vat for a 20ft container. International freight charges are in dollars so the amount paid in the UK will vary depending on the exchange rate with USD. The price of freight goes up and down with demand and supply but shipping companies will lay up vessels if supply is to great and in this way reduce supply and thus force prices up – in other words shipping companies will not allow, in my opinion prices to remain low for any length of time. You can read a lot about this on the internet and can of course deal with your own shipping.

Please note that a 40ftHC container will cost around twice as much more but as you can fit on the container over double the amount of furniture it means in fact that bigger the container the lower the freight charge as a percentage of the furniture items.

As we said – we hope this does not sound to complicated but even if it does don’t worry we do all the work in any case and will guide you through the whole process. Just give us a call!

If you would like a bulk order price list please contact us with your company details.

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