What Colour Goes with Mahogany Furniture?

3 drawer mahogany filing cabinet in the Georgian style range

Mahogany has a timeless and impressive aesthetic, and investing in a statement piece of furniture makes a great addition to your home, but it is not always easy to match the rest of the room with this distinctive hardwood.

Mahogany wood can be available in a range of tones and finishes but, for the purpose of this blog, we will discuss the colour of mahogany that springs to mind for most – a deep reddish-brown. Here are some suggestions of different colours that pair well with mahogany furniture and will bring the whole room together.


Red and green are opposites on the colour wheel, and one of the reasons that greens work with mahogany is that they balance the reddish tones in the wood.

Too much dark green with dark wood could make a room seem small, but grey-green, olive tones and even mint green are all good colours to pair with mahogany and provide a great tonal contrast.


When thinking about what colour goes with mahogany furniture, red may not immediately come to mind because people tend to want contrasting colours. However, different shades of red can enhance the reddish tones in the wood, especially when used in conjunction with some neutral tones like an off-white or grey, or even some lighter wood.

Too much red paired with mahogany will probably be overwhelming, but some choice placement of red furnishings or dressings can really enhance the features that give mahogany such a striking character.


Blue is a colour that goes with mahogany furniture beautifully. Blue-grey, green-blue and light blue are all shades that can work well with the mahogany because the reddish-orange hues of mahogany bring warmth to a room, and blue tones offer calming and relaxing qualities. When used together, these colours can create a very cosy feel in a room.

If the room is quite light, a bolder, darker blue could also be used for dressings or accents around the room.


If you’re looking for a classic, timeless look to go with your mahogany furniture, you can’t go wrong with white. White provides high contrast with the dark, reddish-brown of mahogany and, depending on the fittings and other furniture you have in the room can offer either a contemporary, minimalist look or something more traditional.

White also provides a blank canvas on which you can use your cushions, throws or curtains to add splashes of colour that don’t need to match the mahogany to the same degree that the walls and other furnishings do.

Light-coloured wood

It isn’t just the walls and the soft furnishings that you need to consider when thinking about what colour goes with mahogany furniture. Contrasting mahogany with lighter wood prevents the aesthetic from being overwhelming, especially when using woods such as pine or golden oak for flooring or other furniture around the room.

You will probably still want to use a little colour in the form of dressings or accents around the room if you do decide to match your mahogany furniture with light woods. Or, if you want to keep the room quite neutral, some darker tones like black or dark brown can be used to add some more contrast to the room whilst complementing the mahogany.

Mahogany may have a striking and distinctive aesthetic, but there are still plenty of colours that pair well with it, and these are not just neutral tones!

If you’re looking to add some luxury mahogany furniture to your home, you can view our collection.

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