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Turn To Two Tone Furniture. If your searching for something different why not have a look at two tone furniture?
The alternating light and dark stripes on this day bed gives it a very funky look and would look quite the thing in a modern conservatory or living room. Or if stripes are a bit much for you, you could soften the effect simply by choosing two different stains on one piece of furniture. An example would be to have the drawer fronts on a chest slightly lighter or darker than the surrounding wood.

Two-tone light and dark mahogany Harrington dressing table with 3-piece mirror and stool

All our furniture can be ordered painted or stained in two tones so be bold and go for it! Here are a couple of examples.

A mahogany chest of drawers from the same bedroom suite as the dressing table below is finished with light and dark stains which creates a very distinctive effect. To create this unique effect this particular eight drawer chest, has light mahogany drawer fronts, side panels and square moulding in each corner. The chest top, panel surrounds, legs and tapered feet are finished in dark mahogany.

However it is possible to switch these colours and also to combine a painted finish with a wood stain finish. For example a console table looks stunning with a painted cream or dove grey top sitting on wood stained legs. Other models can be treated in the same way, and the combination of colours is very much up to the individual and to what fits your existing décor.

Having furniture finished in two tones is also a great way to modernise an traditional or classic piece of furniture so that it fits neatly into a more modern setting.

The solid mahogany dressing table below has its sides and drawer fronts finished in light mahogany stain and the top, mirror and edges stained with the mid-brown mahogany colour. In this way the drawers are highlighted – a very pleasing effect!

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