Solid Walnut Furniture

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Due to its sophisticated appearance and versatility, walnut is amongst the most popular types of wood, when it comes to furniture.
Walnut furniture is durable and easy to maintain, which makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of products.

Mayan Walnut

Traditionally, walnut wood comes in a variety of shades – from light to very dark, which makes it suitable for almost any colour scheme. The darker colours are generally best for solid and more formal pieces of furniture, such as dining tables or display cabinets. The solid walnut furniture allows for a unique combination between durability and contemporary style. The versatility of the wood makes it an excellent choice for almost all sorts of furniture – from vintage storage chests and desks through fine open coffee tables.

The walnut timber has a very dense grain design, which makes it especially suitable for stunning and unique pieces of furniture that will also last for years. The craftsmanship of walnut furniture is an art on its own, and the exceptional build quality of such pieces is a life-time guarantee for durability and stability.

Solid Walnut

As a hardwood, walnut is an extremely tough and can be crafted into beautiful mantelpieces or intricate headboards. It requires specific care in order to preserve the authentic look and premium quality for years. To protect its natural colours, the walnut furniture is usually varnished with a protective layer. This preserves the vibrant and rich colours, but also means that your furniture might get stained easily. Keeping your walnut furniture away from direct sunlight is an essential part of the proper care. The direct sunlight won’t damage the wood but might lighten the tone.

The tough walnut timber allows for creation of extremely intricate and complex designs. The shapes will be imprinted for good into the solid wood, which allows for a greater variety of design options. The walnut timber is also extremely resilient to environmental changes. As already mentioned, you need to protect it from direct sunlight, but otherwise the furniture will remain in a perfect condition, regardless of the climate. The walnut furniture does not shrink or swell too easily, compared to other types of wood. It’s also not affected by water or humidity, so you don’t have to worry about spilling drinks on it (just make sure you mope it up!) From opulent cabinets through solid desks or fine bookcase designs, the walnut furniture offer an unimaginable range of décor options that would enhance any living space. The practically limitless range of shades and grains can further complement the intricate design and produce a stunning piece of furniture.

The solid timber of the walnut furniture, combined with the versatility of the wood allows for an incredible range of intricate designs. The more complex pieces might turn into the accent of the room, or become a part of the décor as well. The walnut furniture is elegant and sophisticated, while still blending incredibly well within a contemporary or more modern décor.

Its stability and durability would guarantee a long life for your furniture and make it a greatly desired furniture option. Due to its high demand and outstanding features, the walnut furniture tends to be slightly more expensive, but it’s an investment definitely worth it.

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