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Mahogany pedestal desks are timeless office piece, and over the years of building mahogany furniture, these are probably the most common bespoke requests we receive. So we wanted to share some custom examples and hopefully provide some inspiration to build your ideal office desk.

The most popular mahogany pedestal desks that we do customisations to is based on is the Mahogany Partners Desk and the Mahogany Colonial Pedestal Desk but other styles are available. You can also email us a picture of other designs for us to replicate.

Of course the most common requests are to vary  the size of the desk and the colour of the leather but apart from these more normal variations, there are other less common variations that you might not of thought about – indeed you might not have known they could be requested….examples are adding filing drawers with false drawer fronts; changing the shape of the feet; having the kneehole size adjusted to suit; putting cable holes as required; changing the drawer and cupboard configuration to whatever is required; removing a back panel for ease of access to the back of a computer; converting the central drawer to hold a keyboard; putting a pull out shelf in a cupboard for a printer; adding gold tooling to the leather and so on.

So you can see the mahogany pedestal desk is quite versatile – it can be a computer desk, a writing desk or an executive pedestal desk for the home office in any size. But why not go a bit further and opt for some more radical alterations. A shelf unit can be built that fits on the back of the top similar to a Dickens Desk. Of course when choosing the depth of the desk you have to be careful to make it sufficient to hold the shelf unit and at the same time allow for enough work space.

Standard Mahogany Partners Desk. Double sided, each side with drawers and cupboard. Choice of sizes and finish.

Making changes to size, drawer layout and style can have an adverse effect on the usability of the desk and of course, still needs to be pleasing to the eye. However not to worry because we supply technical drawing for your approval prior to production starting. The plan drawings are included in the price and can be altered as many times as it is necessary until you are satisfied. Lets take an example to illustrate this – you need to increase the kneehole width to 60 cm to accommodate your existing office chair, the desk has to have a certain width, say to fit an alcove. The option here will be to reduce the width of the pedestals. By doing this the internal dimensions of the drawers will be reduced and may not now fit A4 sheets. Having the plan drawings allows us to look at these issues and determine what the best solution is.

Below are some variations of our Mahogany Pedestal Desks – please take a look.

Based on the mahogany partners desk – the feet and carved columns above have been altered to match the Queen Anne four poster bed making for an unusual and unique piece of furniture.

Mahogany Dickens Desk – so called because it is similar to Charles Dickens desk where he wrote some of his famous books. The basic pedestal desk has had the carved columns removed and drawer unit built on the back of the desk.

Single Pedestal Mahogany Desk – the kneehole width has been greatly increased to give plenty of space under the desk as well as a large work surface. Note the usual reeded columns have been removed.

Light Mahogany Partners Desk with cable holes positions specified by the customer. Brown leather top.

Small Mahogany Pedestal Desk – this desk has been adapted so one pedestal is open back and front for tower PC and cables.

Small Partners Desk, Single Sided – this desk has been made really narrow to fit a small alcove. Note the shape of the feet.

Single Pedestal Mahogany Desk – the kneehole width has been greatly increased to give plenty of space under the desk as well as a large work surface. Note the usual reeded columns have been removed.

mahogany Corner Desk – this desk has been completely redesigned to fit a particular work area. The brief was a small mahogany corner desk with attached storage section and shelving.

Small Mahogany Reception Desk – Designed using elements of the Partners Desk such as the 3 sectioned top and the reeded columns to come up with a super little reception area desk.

Mahogany Desk with Ogee Feet – the pedestals have been widened to allow for two large filing drawers, the fronts have false drawers to give the appearance of all drawers when closed. Note the compromise of having a reduced kneehole width.

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