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Mahogany Furniture Characteristics & Construction
At AKD Furniture our mahogany furniture is constructed from what is considered a true and real mahogany. We use mahogany in the manufacture of our furniture because it has all the properties and qualities required to make excellent furniture.

The mahogany is grown locally in Indonesia in sustainable plantations. The variety of mahogany  to give it its scientific name, is Swietenia macrophylla which is a real mahogany originating from South America. It did not appear naturally in Indonesia and was introduced into the country as a cash crop where it took a liking to the hot and humid climate and flourished.

The Swietenia Macrophylla Mahogany Tree

Master Craftsman working on an ornate mirror frame.

close grain. This means that the saw cuts will be very straight with no splintering or burring of the edges. Mahogany is renowned the world over for being carved into the most ornate patterns. This is in part due to these characteristics as well as the skill of the craftsman.

An important reason that mahogany is valued in the making of quality furniture is that it is very stable and does not warp or crack. In addition the wood takes a stain very well and in fact this brings out the emphasises the beauty of the grain. Mahogany polishes extremely well and over the years its appearance does not diminish but is enhanced with age.

An example is the exquisitely carved four poster bed with barley twist posts.  Note how crisp the carving is and how the natural beauty of mahogany shines through when stained and polished.

Our mahogany furniture is not only of the finest quality it is also very stunning in appearance and touch.

Four Poster Headboard Exquisitely Hand Carved in Solid Mahogany

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