Luxury Home Office – here’s a classic idea!


Imagine the sumptuous feel of a beautiful mahogany desk in your home office and how wonderful it would be to sit and work at such a desk. In addition it could make you money!
Well maybe that can’t be proved but there is no doubt that working in a luxury and well ordered environment is good for productivity.

The L shaped mahogany desk is based on the classic Georgian Partners Desk with the addition of a return or arm that fits neatly into the main desk either right or left.

All our L shaped mahogany desks are superbly hand crafted to order and we have a huge selection of variations that you can choose from to get the desk that exactly fits your room setup.

To find out more or order ones of these desks CLICK HERE

Built to last a lifetime these pieces of furniture actually get better year on year as the patina deepens. The design of these dignified mahogany desks is enduring and they never go out of fashion, indeed  placing one in a ultra modern setting will look absolutely spectacular!

So what are the choices – where to start? Maybe the main desk is a good place: This can be practically any size and depth, we have made one 3 metres long! See the picture below. It can have a combination of drawers, cupboards, file drawers and keyboard drawers. It can have a panelled back or if you intend to place the desk away from the wall you can opt to have more storage in any combination on the back as well.

Using both sides of the desk opens up even more possibilities such as using it in a reception desk role, perhaps add a modesty screen and have the main desk deepened to be able to sit both sides comfortably.

I have already mentioned the arm can go left or right but that is not all, is can be any length and in its pedestal you can have a cupboard, drawers or a file drawer to hold standard foolscap suspension files.

So to the top, here there are also numerous  options: real leather with or without gold embossing around the edge in a variety of colours such as the traditional green or burgundy or other colours such as navy blue, brown or cream. Faux leather in at least 7 choices of colour is another option which is easier to clean. Further to that cable holes and cable tidies can be added as required giving a most comprehensive service in terms of choice for this wonderful product – the L Shaped Mahogany Desk from AKD Furniture. Free your imagination and start designing your own mahogany desk now!

To find out more or order ones of these desks CLICK HERE

L shaped office desk in sholid mahogany with open shelf design

To find out more or order ones of these desks CLICK HERE.

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