Keeping It Fresh

Customer's office with Antique white Colonial pedestal desk, with antique brass handles and cream leather top.

Traditional Furniture with a Modern Twist.
Want to keep it light, fresh and modern but want it to last and be a substantial piece of mahogany furniture, then have a look at what one of our customers had.

Changing the colour meant that his handmade desk fitted in with the lighter décor of his house and by making small changes to another desk design, changing the feet, the handles and carving, he found a beautiful sumptuous and extremely practical dressing table for his wife.

Their sideboard is brilliant storage and because the colour is light it all matches. He is a very happy man and I am sure you will agree it looks beautiful.

There are other options: See our full range of office furniture.

Lovely to see pictures sent in by our customers – we don’t often get to see our furniture in the place it was intended to be – so its a real thrill to see your pictures.

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