How to Incorporate Dark Wood Furniture into Your Living Room: 6 Decorating Ideas

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Dark woods such as mahogany are a great option for adding a timeless and classic feel to a living room. However, people are often unsure of what to pair it with for the best interior design. In this blog, we take a look at 6 living room decorating ideas when you’re working with dark wood furniture like mahogany.

Group dark wood furniture together

To create a sense of cohesion in your living room, you should try and group items of dark wood furniture together. This gives the impression that you have thought carefully about furniture placement and the design of the room as a whole.

If you don’t already have multiple items of dark wood furniture, you might consider investing in some more. If you’re currently looking for inspiration, you can browse our living room collection.

Team it with white walls

We love the stunning deep colour of dark woods like mahogany, but if you have dark flooring and dark walls alongside your dark furniture, it can make the room seem a little lacking in light. That’s why we would recommend having white walls in your living room as they give you the option to experiment with darker-coloured furniture, such as a mahogany bookcase or coffee table.

Contrast with coloured decorations

As well as having the contrast of light and dark in your living room, it’s also a good idea to have elements of colour too. Whether it’s something classic, like a deep red vase, or something a little more bright, this will help to add life and interest to your living room.

Don’t worry – these won’t distract from the beauty of your dark wood furniture. In fact, pops of colour in carefully-placed positions can draw the eye to certain pieces of furniture that you want guests to admire!

Team with brass and industrial metals

If you’re not really a fan of colours, you can also add interest and draw attention to dark wood furniture by teaming it with brass and other industrial metals. You might do this by adding your metal knobs and handles to furniture through up-cycling. Alternatively, you can simply find industrial-style home decor which includes these metal styles.

Position lighting above your dark wood furniture

One of our favourite decorating tips for a living room with dark wood furniture is to position lighting above it. This highlights the natural beauty of your furniture which might be in a room without too much natural light to show it off.

You can do this with more discreet lighting such as spotlights, or really follow an ornate theme by adding a decorative chandelier to your living room and positioning it over your mahogany coffee table.

Invest in dark wood bars and bar stools

To really add charm and fun to your living room, we would recommend something like a mahogany bar or drinks cabinet. This makes your space look and feel really classy (and it’s also a very useful thing to have available in your living room).

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