How to Choose a Bed Frame for Your Bedroom


Our bedrooms are the sanctuaries that we look forward to at the end of each day, but they can also be our reading rooms, the place where we get ready in the morning, or just a place to unwind. With all that in mind, it’s important that we make them into welcoming and relaxing spaces.

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, where we get our much-needed sleep, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a sturdy, comfortable bed that also suits the design vision that we have for the room. We outline some tips on how to choose the right bed frame for your bedroom.

Mahogany beds

As a hardwood, mahogany is one of the most durable and sturdy materials available for a bed frame. Mahogany is also more resistant to warping, shrinking and twisting than other woods, which means it will always hold its shape, even through temperature changes.

The most recognisable feature of mahogany is its deep, rich red-brown colour. This look is so desirable that many wood veneers are a mahogany imitation, and other woods may be finished with a mahogany effect varnish.

Despite this, the striking appearance of natural mahogany might not be the best fit for all bedroom designs, so it is fortunate that mahogany can be finished and painted in a range of colours to suit any décor while retaining all the benefits of this fantastic material.

Different bed styles for different decors

Depending on your preference, a bed can dominate or blend into a room. A feature bed such as a four poster will be more striking as it takes up more space, whereas a simple sleigh bed with a low footboard may be preferable for an understated option that still looks great.

As well as the design of your bed, you may want to consider additional functionality, such as beds that feature a pull-out guest bed or that come with in-built storage options. These types of beds are especially useful if you are trying to dress a small space or if you just want to be subtle with your storage.

We supply the bed; your imagination does the dressing

Here at AKD Furniture, our beds come in such an eclectic and versatile range of styles that any interior design look can be achieved with a little imagination. Your choice of bedding, curtains, carpets and more will bring the room together, with the bed as a solid foundation, whether you are going for a modern and contemporary style or something more traditional.

One popular design choice is to match the finish of the bed with the other wood in the room. This could be bedside tables, or even dressers and wardrobes. Another idea would be to mix and match unique, natural-coloured wood furniture with some more industrial fixings or stonework for a rustic-style bedroom. A simple bed in white or a light wood finish can pair fantastically with splashes of bold colour, and dark beds such as the classic mahogany finish work well with more neutral tones.

When it comes to how to choose a bed frame, there really is no limit to the ways you can dress one of our mahogany beds to suit the style of any room or make it a really impressive focal point on its own. We would love to see how you’ve styled your AKD bed, so please get in touch and share your bedroom designs with us!

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