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Having your own place is surely a dream come true. You can finally make changes without consulting your landlord and have your very own home decoration themes. You do not have to worry about curfew, welcoming friends, or unpleasant room mates. You have the place all to yourself.

One of the most exciting parts of owning a house is being able to decorate it the way you want. However, decorating your house or room is not that easy. You have to plan it carefully, and make sure you know how you want it to look like. If not, you will end up with a chaotic room were nothing matches.

To avoid making a mess out of your house, it is best to hire an interior designer. You can also do it yourself but you have to be sure you know what you are doing. Whether you are going to hire a designer or do it yourself, you will surely need a theme for the house. You can choose one theme for the entire house or have it done differently in each room.

Below are some of the themes you can use:

1. Contemporary style – this style is very appealing to those who are familiar with the current styles, decorations, and home accessories. Its character is clean and very modern. You may see a metal art or two in contemporary designed homes. Most also have graphic arts on their wall and they usually play around the shades of neutral colours with a dab of whites and blacks. However, you can see more colours in contemporary designed houses today.

2. Traditional style – In contrary to the above home style, traditional designs incorporate classic designs. Although there is nothing surprising about the style, many still love the feel of a traditionally designed home. It brings you back to a calm, organised, and peaceful abode. The common thing that you will see in a traditional house is the wood furniture, shades of brown, accessories in pairs, and everything seems in order.

3. Informal style – This style is very appealing to many home owners. Many find the contemporary look very stiff and constrained. The traditional design on the other hand is too old for most. If you want a casual feel, you can design your house informally. You can use very inviting furniture too. You can also use colour schemes you want and incorporate wood furniture without making it look old. It can have a comfortable feel without adapting the traditional style.

4. Formal style – In contrast to the informal style, this type of decoration seems very proper. This look is similar to those found in hotels and mansions of elite families. Many love the style because it looks very elegant and sophisticated. You may also find metal art in this type of style, however, the design is simpler and sleeker.

Whatever style you pick, make sure that you are comfortable with it. Do not feel restricted with these themes. You can pick a style and experiment on the look that can make it look better.

Design Your Home Sweet Home by Yourself With Your Design Theme Choice

First, you have to prepare your floor plan of your home. Then, you have to decide which area you want to redesign or remodel.

There are a few questions must be provided before you start to design your home:

1. What is your home design theme do you want? Modern, minimalist, art deco, resort, transitional, ethnic or contemporary?

2. What is your favourite colour or colours?

3. Any specific needs of your family member for their room? For example, a home office room would need to be designed around the desk or computer desk area and perhaps wall space for calender’s etc.

4. Finally what is your budget? This will determine a lot of your choices.

Modern minimalist is the most favourite design theme that people like. Because it is simple , has a clean look, is easy to maintain and does not need loads of furniture items. I think for 3-5 years from now, people still will like it. This is because although its a simple style it does not offend the eye of almost everyone. This is why you would be wise to use this style if you are selling your house because everyone will like it – at least it will not offend them.

However many prefer a more transitional design such as you would see in the great mansions houses of many European countries. These transitional design are brilliant when they are combined with a modern or more temporary design. This combination is fast becoming the decorating style of choice for many who are ready for a change. Embracing the comfort of traditional design with the stylish looks of contemporary design, consider pairing traditional-looking furnishing with contemporary fabrics like ultra suede or chenille.

Transitional decorating represents a kind of compromise between contemporary and traditional decor, a halfway point in which the subtle elegance of contemporary styles meets the comfort and familiarity of traditional styles.

Similarly, some of the sleek lines and stark minimalism that define contemporary decor are replaced by the gentle curves, cosiness, comfort, and lived in appeal of traditional decor in the transitional interior.

And how about art deco style? Art deco style is almost same with the modern minimalist style but the colours more blowing and appears. Usually colours used are red, orange, yellow, blue and purple. But sometimes black and white colour also can be used, depends on the colour theme.

Art deco usually come with wall art painting ( with blocks, squares and stripes design ) in variety and mixed colours. For myself, I rather prefer this style. Why? Because, I like the colourful of the art painting and it looks modern and young.

And do you know about the ethnic style? Ethnic style is mixed with Javanese and Balinese style from Indonesia. Many people from European like this style. Especially with the Balinese style. Yes, it is unique, and not everybody can do the design. For the materials also not easy to find. Just in tropical country can provide, such as coco husk for feature wall or the special woods from Bali. And chiefly, the home accessories such as coconut bowl, wood plate, plants for indoor or outdoor and many thing else not easy to provide as well. But, do not worry, nowadays, many stores online can provide these items. You can buy from them by online and they will deliver to you directly.

Home furniture admirably important for home designing decision. If every materials ( carpentry works, home accessories, lighting, tiles, painting colours and others ) used are already suitable with the design theme but if the furniture not appropriate, it will look awful.

So, you have to learn more about the furniture style properly before you start to design your cosy home sweet home.

Interior Design – How To Make The Most Of The Space Available In A Room

Finding the happy medium between interior design, functionality and practicality can be difficult at the best of times but with all of the added confusion of ideas that we are being constantly bombarded with via the world of interior design magazines and home improvement television programs, when it comes to the time when you need to change the look of your home you may be forgiven for taking a step back from the task.

Different rooms in the home offer up different problems, some are money related and some are design problems but on of the main problems that any of us face at any time is trying to fit all of our ideas into the space that the room has to offer.

Again this can create a different problem for each room. In the bigger of the rooms in your home it might mean that you just have to change one design feature for a smaller version of the same thing. For instance if you plan to but a large stone open fire place into your living room and make a feature of it if you find that your sizing is wrong you can just scale it down a bit, same goes with a kitchen design, you may have to do away with a cupboard or unit or two but on the whole you will get the room that you wanted, albeit with one less unit.

But if you apply this problem to the smaller rooms in the house, maybe a smaller bedroom or a bathroom then your options are somewhat limited in what you can minimise within the room but still give the desired effect. Unless you want to start totally renovating your home and making rooms larger by knocking walls down then you have to look for a more practical method of effective space saving. One way that this can be achieved is by looking at the furniture and fittings that go into the room.

If you study the problem that lay before you and try to think of items that may be able to replaced by space saving furniture then the problem does not seem so. In a smaller bedroom you will obviously need a bed of some sort or another but you will also need some form of storage for personal effects as well as clothing. Many items of bedroom furniture are designed with this problem in mind; how to fit the maximum amount of stuff into the smallest possible space without changing the desired look of a room.

Many items of bedroom furniture are manufactured with features to allow you to maximise storage space, for instance you can get king, queen, double or single beds with storage drawers built into them, maximising what would usually be wasted space. Small features such as this can make a vast difference to the amount of space available within a room.

Having a built-in wardrobe in the room will also save space as well as offer a piece of modern bedroom furniture that serves a purpose. Building the wardrobe into a space that would not usually accommodate a wardrobe is likely to free up space within the room for something else, or may just create space. The beauty of a built in wardrobe you can also plan to build in features such as a dressing table with mirror, and item of furniture that would usually stand alone in a room.

So with a bit of planning even the smallest of rooms can be utilised just by thinking about the furniture that is placed within it, enabling you to use all available space.

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