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Campaign Mahogany Furniture with Military Styling
Eye Catching Furniture with straight edge styling BUT a little more expensive, why…?

Whilst browsing through the AKD Furniture product list it might have struck you that the military style furniture, called the Campaign range seems to be more expensive when comparing with other similarly sized pieces of furniture.

AKD Furniture offers a range of handsome military style furniture which it calls its Campaign range. The range includes Campaign desks, filing cabinets, bookcases, TV & Hi Fi cabinets and display cabinets. Plus there is the option of having any model bespoke and made to measure in this style.

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You will note that the price of the Campaign desk is some 20% more expensive than the same sized Colonial desk, in fact the filing cabinets and bookcase are also over 20% more costly. This is true across the whole range of the campaign designs.

Campaign style chest of drawers with 3 large, 4 small and 1 square drawer

There is no more handsome chest than the CAMPAIGN CHEST OF DRAWERS with its distinctive military styling.

The reason for this is actually down to the shape and style of the campaign items. If you look at this design you can see that it has very straight lines, all sides and edges are straight and flat and there is no carving. This means that all the wood used must be of the highest grade over the entire  surface area of the campaign pieces. In addition lengths of wood must be chosen which are extremely uniform and the must match in terms of grain and colour much more closely than in other designs.

In contrast styles which have curves, carved area’s, indented panels and numerous edges can use lower grade woods, the lengths of wood need not match so closely and need not be so uniform. In addition the lengths of wood can sustain some imperfections. Small imperfections would not be noticed on a routed or carved edge but on a dead straight edge any imperfection is soon spotted. In the same way when a piece is carved, it is less important that the length of mahogany used matches the plank it will be next to in colour and grain. The way light is reflected of the different angles produced in carved sections creating areas of light and dark caused by shadows means it is a lot less critical to have matching lengths of wood.

To further explain this phenomenon, consider a table top. This surface is flat, has a relatively large surface area and is open to full inspection under the glare of all lighting available (all overhead lighting that is). To pass this inspection each plank used to make up that surface must match the one it is next to and must be free of imperfections. You would soon notice a plank which is heavily grained next to plain length of mahogany. It would create a contrast immediately. Whereas the legs of the table which could be plain or carved can have hugely different grain and patterns as they are not next to each, are in shadow and the surface area is a lot smaller hence differentials are a lot less noticeable.

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with using lower grade mahogany in construction of furniture. In fact the term ‘lower grade’ wrongly gives the impression that the furniture will be somehow inferior. This is not the case at all so perhaps the term ‘lower grade’ should be changed to ‘different mahogany cuts of wood’, after all what would be the point in using the more expensive cuts of woods pushing up the cost of the furniture to the buyer if it adds nothing to the look or quality of the item?

So if your scratching your head wondering why on earth this plain contemporary style of furniture is more costly than carved pieces of furniture you now know the reason. It’s not only the high grade of wood used but the careful selection process of the wood that means more cost. Also there is an additional cost in the extra amount of brass fittings used for this style but is not large but significant enough to mention.

By the way it should be pointed out here that historically there is a style of furniture called ‘campaign furniture’ which is a different style of furniture we are discussing here. This furniture style includes items of furniture that are relatively small and could be opened up to become a useful piece of furniture. A good example would be a box that’s lid opens up to become a writing surface or a table with hinged flaps and folding legs. This type of furniture as the name suggests, was designed to be taken on 19th century and other military campaigns so needed to be small and compact. Hence the development of a number of ingenious folding pieces of furniture.

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