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Black Painted Furniture

black curved back sleigh bed

Make a statement with stunning black painted furniture

While shabby chic and antique white painted furniture is very popular and in vogue at the moment it is by no means the only style of furniture. If you want to be bold and add that ‘wow factor’ to some of your living spaces why not consider making a statement with black painted furniture.

black painted furniture. ornate 4 poster bed.Back to Black

Why not try painted furniture in matt, satin or gloss black, which can be spiced up with highlights of gold or silver on the carving. The black painted furniture will create a bold statement with most colours, but perhaps yellow would not be recommended!!  For example think more in terms of off white or antiqued white bed linen to match this carved rococo style bed for a stunning effect or a leopard print throw for a more zany effect. In general black furniture will work best in larger rooms where there is plenty of natural light otherwise it can make the room feel dark and dingy. However it can work well in smaller rooms by careful use of light wall colours and bed linen.

Inspirational examples of black painted bedroom furniture.


  Black furniture – a stunning alternative!!

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