Bespoke Mahogany Desks

Any of our mahogany desks can be bespoke made to any size, you can choose the layout of drawers, cupboards, filing drawers and shelving and in addition there is a large choice of colours and handles. All in all we give you the ability to effectively design your own desk – now over to you!




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To give you an idea of styles below are some examples of different models and designs of desk, from small writing tables to large reception style desks. Many are traditional in style because we specialise in the antique reproductions designs, but there are more modern designs to see as well and of course you can send us a picture of any design and we will probably be able to make it!


Bespoke dark mahogany office desk
Reception Desk with Shelf: choose any size & layout


Custom made mahogany reception desk
Empire Desk: custom made to any size


Custom made L shaped mahogany desk with drawers back and front.
Partners Desk with Extension: choose any size & layout


Carved Resolute style mahogany desk
Resolute Desk: custom made to any size

Other designs include corner desks, writing tables, military style, small desks, curved fronted desk and hidden workstation designs.

****HAVE A QUESTION? To Ask About Our Bespoke Service CLICK HERE to email us OR call 01392 424037****