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Attention to Detail Is Vital.

Quality check of our mahogany furniture

Quality and attention to detail are what our carpenters and finishers pride themselves in!

They make our mahogany furniture as if it was for themselves and won’t let anything leave if it is not correct. They will go back and back to a piece until everyone is happy and it is the best it can be.

Quality checks on our mahogany bookcases

The first stage is when the furniture comes in from the very talented and expert carpenters and any knots, marks, cracks etc are spotted and noted with white marks on the furniture, and these are dealt with. It may need sanding or replacing, or extra colour added if there is a knot. Joints are also checked to make sure they are secure and that everything is to the correct standard. This is such an important part of the process that there are several people working on it and once they are happy it then goes for spraying.

Quality checking AKD mahogany furniture

There is a whole part of the warehouse sectioned off for spraying with lots of ventilation as the air can get quite thick and you cannot let the spray to go all over the warehouse. There is another section in another part of the building that is set aside for the painted furniture, so the two don’t interfere with each other. The sprayers are brilliant and very skilled at making sure it is even and sometimes they need to graduate the colour and are good at doing that as well.

Quality checking AKD mahogany furniture

Once it has dried it then goes on to the next stage. At this point it has been handled several times by different people checking at all stages, however the final checking stage is the most important.

Quality checking AKD mahogany furniture

Quality check room following spraying