Furniture Assembly Instructions.

Much of our furniture is made solid with no assembly is required. Obviously for large items this is not practical for transporting, fitting through front doors or up stairs etc. Hence some items will be delivered in manageable sections which will require some straight forward self assembly.

NOTE: your model may vary but these instructions will be relevant to most models.

Click the picture to expand the instruction and then’ if printing, right click and select ‘save image as…’



1.) Pictures show a 4 poster bed for other beds just pictures 1 and 2 are relevant. Plus picture 6 showing centre rail and slats to support mattress. These can be screwed down.

2.) Pictures show bolts being tightened using a drill, this is not necessary as an allen key is provided. Click pictures to expand.

NOTE: please do not over tighten bolts otherwise the wood blocks can move or will eventually snap.

Bed Side Rails

If the bolts in the side rail do not line up it is possible the side rail is not fully engaged. Here is a short video to explain. Sorry the video is not pretty but does the trick!


Some beds have 4 drawers but the same assembly applies just there are two support frames rather than the single as in this picture. Click pictures to expand.


The same instructions apply to the majority of our desks including the Partners Desk, Colonial Desk, Corner Desk and ‘L’ Shaped Desks. Click pictures to expand.


These instructions also apply to tables with two or more pedestals. For example the Chippendale Oval End Extending Table with three pedestals will have three slots for the pedestals to fit into on the underside of the table rather than just the one as shown in the picture below. Click pictures to expand.


The tables is extended by winding the handle (as seen step 2 and 6). Although this can be performed by one person it is always best to have two persons.

NOTE: whilst winding or unwinding the handle ensure that the wheels can run freely across the floor. On carpeted floors it is advised that the end of the table is lifted slightly to allow for the legs to move. Click pictures to expand.


Our wardrobes arrive to you in sections and the assembly for all the models is basically the same. There will be some differences depending on if your model has drawers or not. The instructions below show a number of different assemblies which covers the vast majority of our models. Click pictures to expand.