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All Rounder Storage Cabinets

Signature Grey Shoe Storage Cupboard. Solid wood lime greyed top.

So you are looking for a storage cabinet that suits all decors, can go in any room and looks great!

Here’s an idea that is worth considering. Have a look at this range of storage units…I know they are called sideboards or buffets but on closer inspection they do have very versatile storage; with drawers, cupboards, open shelves or wicker baskets.

White painted storage cabinet with drawers, cupboards and 2 rattan baskets

There is even sliding doors on some models if space is tight. This super group of cabinets are definitely all-rounder’s when it comes to storage.

Halifax Contrast Buffet 2 Sliding Doors Halifax White Buffet with Sliding Doors, 3 drawers and lightly distressed

The combination of the quaint farmhouse design and the soft satin white finish of all these storage cabinets certainly wont clash with any colour scheme, indeed they will add a fresh light feel to the room…perhaps the bathroom!

Halifax Small White Buffet, sideboard with 2 doors
Halifax Small White Buffet.


To find out more about these storage cabinets or how to order one CLICK HERE

These cabinets are all hand constructed using solid mahogany and some robust composite timbers and expertly finished in a durable white paint. Built to last and last they can be utilised in different rooms as your needs change through the years. What’s more you don’t have to assembly them, simply unwrap and enjoy!

Now all sorts of possibilities come to mind, how about the Halifax White Buffet with 6 Rattan Basket in a child’s bedroom or playroom. The baskets give quick access to quickly stashing all those toys littered on the floor and drawers to keep all the small stuff…pens, pencils, beads and batteries.

Halifax White Buffet, sideboard with 3 drawers and 6 baskets
Halifax White Buffet 6 Baskets.

Another idea would be to use say the Halifax White Buffet with 2 Rattan Baskets in the office. Why not, it has 3 different storage options, drawers for papers, cupboards for file and books and wicker baskets for the office stapler, calculator, hole punch and so on? All in all a super storage unit for the home office.

Large white storage kitchen diner storage cabinet with drawers, cupboards and rattan baskets.

While your thinking of other spaces these cabinets would be useful in don’t let’s loose sight of the fact that they are obviously perfect for the dining / living area, after all that was what they were originally intended for. Storing cups, crockery, cutlery, and place mats is a breeze – you just need to choose the size that fits. Theses white storage cabinets will look great in any room and whatever use you decide to put them to they will do it elegantly and with eye catching charm.

Halifax White Buffet with 4 Cupboard doors and 2 drawers

To find out more about these storage cabinets or how to order one CLICK HERE


Halifax Contrast Buffet with 2 Baskets
Halifax Contrast Collection
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