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Advantages Of Slatted Beds

slatted mahogany sleigh bed

All our beds, including French, Sleigh and Four Poster are constructed using wooden slats to support the mattress.

The main advantage of this is that it allows for the free flow of air under and around the mattress which is great for better hygiene. It is well known that bed bugs are a naturally occurring and quite normal. In addition they breed much faster and can survive longer in covered warm areas. Hence having slatted beds means there is less of these warm enclosed areas because air can reach the underside of the mattress. It is also recommended that bedclothes or duvet is folded back and aired.

slatted mahogany full rail sleigh bedOur slatted bed system is the same for all beds whether it is a sleigh bed or large 4 poster bed. The slats are placed between the side rails so they they run the full width of the bed. The slats rest on a baton which is firmly attached to the inside of each side rail. The centre of the slats is supported underneath by a substantial centre rail which rests on a wood block located on the both the head and foot board. On the super king beds (6ft) there are two central rails.

Each slat can be screwed to the supporting rails making the bed very solid and sturdy.

The slats are supplied in a roll and are held together by strip of webbing material which allows them to be easily unrolled between the side rails and ensures they are spaced equally.

Most mattresses are suitable for slatted beds but it is recommended that you purchase a mattress which has a reasonably thick amount of padding between the springs and the outside of the mattress. Some pocket sprung mattresses may require a minimum distance between slats. Foam mattresses are fine to use on slatted beds.

Slatted beds are hygienic, easy to assemble and have the added bonus of being able to replace individual slats if one was damaged – this very cheap.

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