Our Responsibility

We understand the responsibility involved in making furniture, which is why we are proud to be sustainable in our production methods.

All of the mahogany we use is ethically grown and sourced. Since January 2014, mahogany furniture exported from Indonesia requires certification to prove the wood used in construction comes from approved and legal sources, something we have had in place a long time before this.

Indonesian legal wood certificate stamp and logo

Controlled Plantations

All our mahogany is obtained from government controlled plantations. Each log is stamped with a reference number to ensure it can be tracked from sapling through to mature trees, and then onto the timber merchants. You can rest assured that production does not involve deforestation of prime and mature rainforests. Mahogany never originally grew in Indonesia and the tree variety used is all plantation mahogany. That is not to say that these plantations are not important in the ecosystem of Indonesia, and responsible production methods bring economic stability to thousands of families, as well as huge ecological benefits to the land and wildlife.

Ground level view of a mahogany plantation, with rows of straight trunked Swietenia Macrophylla Mahogany
Neatly stacked pile of felled mahogany tree trunks on grass in the forground, and local outbuildings and workshops in the background off a dirt round
  • Sustainable community-run plantations support thousands of livelihoods and families in bringing economic stability to villages and towns across Indonesia
  • Controlled forests not only sustain wildlife but have an important impact in conserving both water quality and quantity
  • Tree roots help to bind soil and reduce land erosion and landslides
  • The moist and fertile space between trees supports growth of other plants, including food and crops, which further assists the local economy

A Story Of Sustainable Production

Indonesia, when it was controlled by the Dutch, established mahogany plantations throughout Central Java as a commercial crop, and in 1956 the Indonesian government took over these plantations. Farmers now operate these plantations on the basis of a long term cash crop and many rules and regulations are in place to ensure the forests are both sustained and offer an ecological balance for years to come.

Indonesia was one of the first countries to establish rules to be allowed to import timber products into the EU, initially this was voluntary but in 2016 it became law. This means that in order to import timber into the UK our suppliers must provide timber licenses known as FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance & Trade). More information can be found at: http://www.euflegt.efi.int/indonesia

Our Process

Our furniture is handcrafted from sustainable wood, carved and finished, checked for quality, and carefully packaged before being shipped to the UK. Discover the full process

Close-up of a carpenters hands measuring and marking up a piece of solid mahogany timber ready for cutting
Master carpenter sat in his workshop hand carving raw mahogany into an ornate dining table base

Our Families

The Dimoline family and our family of experienced carpenters are dedicated to bringing pride to families and homes around the world. Meet our families

Our Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – you can read about what our customers think on our testimonials page, or you can check us out on TrustPilot. As our customers know, every piece tells a story

Rich mahogany four poster bed in Bedroom with blue wallpaper, bedside table with lamp and luxurious pillows and furnishings

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