Making Quality Mahogany Furniture

Crafting quality mahogany furniture requires care and attention in every step of the process. A process that we understand every single part of. The importance of correctly kiln drying, the pride applied by our expert carpenters or our perfected finishing stages. All of which allow us to proudly offer:

A full craftsmanship guarantee on each and every piece we build.

Here at AKD furniture, over the years, we have honed and improved our carpentry, finishing and transportation techniques – and truly believe we deliver the highest quality mahogany furniture in the UK today!

Master carpenter sat in his workshop hand carving raw mahogany into an ornate dining table base

“Every piece tells a story, and every good story starts at the beginning:”

Saw mill workes cutting and planing a large piece of raw mahogany in an industrial size bansaw

1. Saw Mill

We source only from government-controlled mills, and we are proud to say that all our mahogany wood is ethically grown and sourced. This, coupled with the loyal and longstanding relationships held locally, ensures we get quality sustainable timber.
Planks of raw mahogany wood stacked at the entrance to a Kiln dryer

2. Kiln Dryer

One of the most important steps in ensuring furniture longevity. Removing moisture correctly reduces the risk of real wood expanding and moving once finished and in homes. We understand this and we are proud to have invested in our own kiln dryer to ensure accuracy in this vital step.
A dusty workshop with neatly cut and stacked planks of wood in the foreground, with mutiple pieces of wood, hand tools and shavings around

3. Handmade

Our network of expert craftsmen and women are hand-selected for their skill and dedication in creating exceptional quality – and the first stage is to cut and shape the wood into whatever type of furniture is to be built.
Master carpenter sat in his workshop hand carving raw mahogany into an ornate dining table base

4. Hand Carved

Intricate carving is often applied to our designs, and this level of skill and detail needs a specialist. Master carvers work by hand from stencils – taking huge pride in their craftsmanship and output. Tools and techniques are passed down generations and watching them work is inspiring.
Carpenter using a drill to construct a large solid wood wardrope in a warehouse surrounded by raw planks of mahogany wood

5. Construction

The final stage of the raw build – this is where it all comes together. Traditional cabinet making techniques and joinery are used to reduce the risk of splitting and warping furniture. These include panelling and the use of mortise, tenon, dovetail, and tongue and groove joints.
Quality control inspector inspecting a tall wardrobe in raw mahogany

6. Raw QC

With the build complete, this is the first important QC stage. The factory checks against plans, marks up any imperfections for carpenters to amend, and it doesn’t move to finishing until 100%. The picture shows what mahogany looks like in the raw, a light natural wood that will pinken over time.
Close-up of carving detail on a raw mahogany display cabinet after being sanded

7. Super Sanding

To ensure a super smooth finish, our furniture is sanded over three grades, 150, 240 and 320 grit. Then, a single coat of filler is applied and allowed to fully dry. This is then sanded again using 400 grit and finally finished with fine grade wire wool.
Tall display cabinet applied with pre-stain being worked on by factory worker

8. Pre-Staining

This stage is applied by hand and is important to ensure no white lines appear. Then, the first coat of sanding sealer is applied by spray and allowed to harden before cutting back with fine wire wool. A second coat of sanding sealer is then applied and again cut back with wire wool.
Finishing team meamber spraying large mahogany wardrobe with light wood stain in a factory

9. Colouring

Chosen colour finish is applied by a fine spray – a skilled process to produce a consistent colour time after time.
Solid wood furniture arranged in a factory drying room

10. Drying

Furniture is moved to a completely dust-free room and left to dry for a number of days.
Factory worker hand polishing a large dark mahogany dining table

11. Waxing & Polishing

A semi-gloss (our standard finish) nitrocellulose lacquer topcoat is applied by spray and allowed to fully harden then de-nibbed with fine wire wool and beeswax. Finally, the piece is hand-polished with beeswax and buffed.
Carpenter knelt down in front of a finished mahogany filing cabinet adding the final handle

12. Handles & fittings

Finishing fixtures are applied and the piece is ready to undergo its final inspection.
Close-up photo of a finished mahogany desk with draws open showing runner construction for quality control purposes

13. Final QC

A final QC is performed to ensure a quality finish to the build. Every aspect is carefully checked and photographed.
2 packing team members wrapping solid wood furniture from a large roll of packing foam

14. Packing

A specialist team packs and wraps every element of the furniture to protect it and ensure safe arrival to customers.
Shipping container leaving a factory loading bay on the back of an HGV lorry

15. Shipping

Loading a shipping container ready for its journey to the UK is like a master puzzle – and requires an expert team to pack securely and economically for the long journey ahead.

From Our Families To Yours

We say every piece tells a story, not only because of the joy you will get out of your furniture for generations to come, but because of all the incredibly talented individuals involved in making each and every piece. We have been working alongside the carpenters and factory staff for nearly 2 decades, and the work, talent and pride that goes into every piece still astounds us. From a single piece of wood to a dining table that memories are made around, here are just a handful of stories about the families that deliver furniture to yours.

Network of carpentry families

Carpenters in Indonesia work as freelancers. Each independent carpenter or carpentry family runs their own business, taking commissioned work from awarding factories. Driven by reputation, the skill and pride of that family are forever etched into the furniture made – and over the years we have built up a reliable network of master carpenters to bring you the highest quality furniture.

A family-run factory

A factory operation coordinated and managed by an inspiring owner Anna. A hugely successful business owner, Anna, along with her family, handpicks everyone. From the talented QC team to the creative drawings team, and everyone in between who work to make the process seamless. A family fun factory that will be producing fine furniture for generations to come.

The finishing team

With finishing being a 10-step process – a very highly skilled team is needed. A subsection of the factory, this team of individuals have honed their trade to give an exceptional finish to each and every piece.

The servicing team

A hugely vital team, and the last line of quality control before being wrapped and shipped. Their role is to add fixtures and fittings, complete final QC and proudly photograph the finished product.

The packing team

A team of dedicated wrapping and packaging specialists, this small army of experts carefully wrap every single piece like it is their own.

The loading team

One of the most niche and specialist teams in the process. Packing furniture into a 40ft container to ensure no movement, no damage, and absolutely no space missed is a work of art – a very welcome addition.

Specialist delivery company

Correct handling at the final stage of the journey is just as important. Working with a specialist delivery company means we can be confident each piece of furniture is handled with the care and attention it has received to date. A 2-person delivery team will always place into your room of choice or assemble there and then. We have worked with Pinnacle Logistics ltd. as partners for several years now, and the good news is the team there cares as much as we do.

The Dimoline family

The operations and customer service side of the business is a true family-run operation. Run and owned by 3 Dimoline family members, you will always speak to one of us so you can be assured that you will receive the very best level of

We said earlier how we find it astonishing the level of work and care that goes into every piece. Knowledge from generations of highly skilled individuals goes into the furniture we make – and we are so proud to deliver this story to you, so you can start making some of your own.

Our Story

A family-run business since 2008, we believe that exceptional handmade furniture should be an option for everyone. Expert carpentry, delivered through honest interactions and authentic pricing. Read our story here.

Bespoke library style bookcase with open shelves and 4 cupboards.
Rich mahogany four poster bed in Bedroom with blue wallpaper, bedside table with lamp and luxurious pillows and furnishings

Our Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – you can read about what our customers think on our testimonials page, or you can check us out on TrustPilot. As our customers know, every piece tells a story.

Our Sustainable Approach

We always use sustainable mahogany that is ethically-grown and sourced for our furniture, obtained from government-controlled plantations in Indonesia. Learn about our approach to sustainability

Close-up of a live mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla) tree trunk shown ascending into a green plantation canopy as sunlight floods through

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