Our Story

In February 2008 we imported our first container of mahogany furniture supplying a limited number of retailers. In 2014 we developed our own website and now supply direct to individuals, hotels & businesses at ex-factory prices.

All our mahogany furniture is manufactured in Indonesia on the beautiful island of Java. It not mass produced in a factory setting but each piece is individually hand crafted by very skilled carpenters. Being handmade each item is unique and it goes without saying, very solidly built to be enjoyed by our customers for many years to come. If you would like to find out more about the mahogany furniture please scroll a bit further down this page to learn about the manufacturing process.

We firmly believe that we manufacture and import some of the very best mahogany furniture of its type that comes out of Indonesia. In addition we have the unique ability to produce almost any shape or sized piece of furniture your care to think up, in fact we are only limited by the natural limitations of mahogany wood.

We are very careful about supplying the best quality solid mahogany furniture possible. The furniture is exceptional value for money often being unique and we believe it is offered at a very fair price.

The range of models for each living space is very large with hundreds of models to choose from. Some of these are shown on the pages of this website but many more are available.

Over the years we have developed a SPECIAL BESPOKE FURNITURE service which virtually allows you to have any size or model you require at a surprisingly low cost. More details here.

In recent years we have also expanded our product range to include other solid wood and hand crafted furniture ranges. These have been selected carefully so that they are solid built with minimal assembly and are eco friendly. That is using only woods from sustainable sources and in a number of cases using reclaimed and salvaged woods. For example our Retro Hardwood Collection. View all our collections.

Picture of founder of AKD Furniture
Founder of AKD Furniture – Andy Dimoline

I have often visited the factory on the wonderful Island of Java, Indonesia and every time it amazes and astonishes me just how much work and effort goes into the making, shipping & delivery of just a single piece of furniture let a lone a whole container! The journey that a mahogany tree trunk takes on the way to become a magnificent piece of mahogany furniture is quite something. It involves long and often complicated processes, but during it all is the expertise, professionalism and undying cheerfulness of the lovely Javanese people to whom I am most grateful.




Ethical & Sustainable Mahogany

The mahogany to construct our furniture is from government controlled sustainable sources and are strictly regulated. The control is all the way from sampling through to the felling of the mature trees. Each log must be stamped with a special marker to verify and identify its original source. In addition any exporter of mahogany furniture now needs to hold a licence to be able to do so. To obtain the licence companies must be able to prove the source of their mahogany and stiff penalties exist to deter any use of illegal logs.

The mahogany we use is a true mahogany, and its biological name is ‘swietenia’. Mahogany did not in fact originally grow in Indonesia so was not part of the original rain forest. It was introduced from the America’s by the Dutch who found that it grew exceptionally well in the moist hot climate. The great carpentry skills of the Indonesian people had been recognised and so mahogany plantations grew and became a cash crop for the production of wonderfully carved furniture. Of course over the years it spread naturally and became an important part of the wider rain forest which certainly requires protection. We play our part by ensuring we only have furniture made by licenced suppliers.

Other Woods Used. Mahogany is our speciality  but also teak, pine and sungkai woods can be used. Sungkai wood has grain and colour that is similar to oak.

Mahogany as a wood to make furniture. Mahogany has reputation for being a luxury wood and for very good reason. Due to the nature of its grain it is an excellent wood to cut and carve and so to construct furniture. However apart from this once stained and finished it produces the most wonderful patina which has been sort after through the ages and still to this day is greatly admired.

Hand Made Mahogany Furniture – The Process



The above pictures which were taken at a timber yard, carpenters place of business and in the factory, show just some of the processes involved in producing our mahogany furniture.

If you want any more information or want to ask any questions please contact us, we will be very happy to hear from you.